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No money? No problems!

Not all of us have huge bankrolls that can be dedicated to poker all the time. Some of us would rather start small and donk it up to the major leagues. The problem is, most sites have very bad table selection, especially small, and not due to the opposition, but rather due to the site itself. Small things add up, like the rake is too big, the stakes are still too large (like only 10cent BB, not lower), table moves to slow, no tournaments for lower buyins, etc.

Well, these problems are nonexistent at PokerStars! Stakes go as low as 1c/2c! You can have SNG’s in various disciplines and game varieties as low as $1.20 , even MTT’s at 25c buy-in. Whatever your needs, whatever your bankroll, PokerStars has the perfect game to suit you.

What are you waiting for? Join today!