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So for those who have been paying attention, here is my progress on my goals for the week…

 Didn’t play 18 holes of golf, so no progress on breaking 90.  Playing in the morning though barring thunderstorms.

Bankroll has taken a dive, down to mid $160 range… may not get any time tonight to play as the wife has something planned (wink wink) so will maybe be a few days late breaking the $200 mark.

Got trashed twice actually, Memorial day party was a big over-run, got drunk, played live poker twice, lost both times (second time I shove low pp against obvious flush draw to get out of there) and nearly had to physically remove people from my house… at 4am.

So where does that leave me?  I have been good about not snap calling shoves but still playing a bit of ‘show me’ poker, believing people are bluffing.

I have also found myself not draggin many pots… like I’m too tentative or something.  I get into a pot with a reasonable hand, then get re-raised and fold out.  Potentially one of two problems, betting too light sometimes or not having good enough cards to be in the pot in the first place… hmmm…