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Cake Poker has introduced their Gold Stacks Loyalty Program which aims to reward players with instant cash. The Gold Stacks Loyalty Program does not subtract from a player’s rakeback.  The Gold Stacks rewards program consists of 50 tiers. As players climb up the Gold Stacks ladder, they are  awarded with gold chips, bonuses, and instant cash. Players are awarded based on how quickly they acquire Gold Stacks.

Players begin at level 0 and must earn 1 Gold Chip to complete their first Gold Stack. If a player completes their level 0 Gold Stack within 3 days (Super Turbo) they earn 3 Gold Chips. A player will be rewarded with 2 Gold Chips if they earn their level 0 Gold Stack in 3-6 days (Turbo), and will receive 1 Gold Chip for completing level 0 outside of 6 days. Based on the chart, a player will then move to level 1 where he will need to accumulate 2 Gold Chips to form his level 1 Gold Stack. The player can earn 6 Gold Chips, 4 Gold Chips, or 2 Gold Chips based on how fast they earn their level 1 Gold Stack. Players will never drop back a level if they are in the process of completing levels 0-9.

What can I do with my Cake Poker Gold Chips? Good question, considering for the first few Gold Stacks levels you will be buried in a pile of Gold Chips. Take look at the Cake Poker Shop! You can order DVDs, Poker Books, Tournament Tickets, an Aussie Millions Main Event Seat, Xbox 360s, PSPs, video games, dell phones, and even a chocolate cake! Put your hard earned Gold Chips to use and get ready to earn some serious cash from here on out.

From levels 10 to 19 a player will be awarded with bonuses for accumulating Gold Stacks. According to the chart, a player needs to earn 2 Gold Stacks consisting of 14 Gold Chips each to go from level 13 to level 14. After the completion of EACH stack a player will be awarded a bonus up to $14. While you’re completing your second Gold Stack to move to level 14, you are earning cash by clearing your bonus!

Ready for some free cash? Levels 20 to 50 reward you with instant cash for completing Gold Stacks. For example, a player at level 23 will be rewarded with up to $24 for each Gold Stack he accumulates. Take a look at the chart to see how much free money you could earn!

Cake Poker understands you may have a hectic schedule, and their Gold Stack rewards program is built with that mind. Once you reach Level 11 you will need to accumulate a paltry 3 Gold Chips over 2 consecutive months to maintain your Gold Stacks level.

If you don’t have an account at Cake Poker, use the Cake Poker Signup Code FTR when you register your new account. When you use the Cake Poker Signup Code FTR you become eligible for a 100% bonus up to $500! In addition to a $500 bonus, you will be invited to a private $1 tourney with $100 added to the prizepool by Be prepared to earn serious cash with Gold Stacks Loyalty Program and Cake Poker Signup Code FTR.

This Gold Stacks chart is based on a Cake Poker Account with rakeback. Your Gold Stacks rewards may vary slightly. Thanks to Lee Jones at Cake Poker for creating this Gold Stacks chart!