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If you’ve been following our online poker news section, then you’ll know that Tom “durrrr” Dwan recently lost one million dollars in just one week. Not to be outdone, famous poker player Gus “The Great Dane” Hansen has turned around and dropped $1.5 Million in just seven days, playing poker online at Full Tilt. Hansen has lost the most money of any player at Full Tilt Poker so far this year, and in fact places dead last on the online poker all-time money list, making him the game’s biggest loser.

Gus Hansen is definitely one of the better recognized names in professional poker, and despite his online track record, he has a well-earned reputation as a player not to be trifled with. With numerous appearances on poker television shows, three World Poker Tour titles, the 2007 Aussie Millions main event title and one World Series of Poker Bracelet, Hansen’s certainly not the kind of player I’d invite to my weekly home game.

Having said that, he seems to lose his bearings somewhat when it comes to online play. In September he looked like he was starting to turn his online poker record around, as he finished the month up over $200,000 from online poker alone. This month he’s quickly dropped that and much more, however, with the very first week of October being one of doom and gloom. One and a half million dollars in one week isn’t the kind of loss that I personally would be able to just shrug off, but he shows no signs of slowing down, and is still putting in the hours online at Full Tilt Poker.

If we’re being honest, his resilience to this latest downswing could just be a matter of practice. Hansen is not exactly unfamiliar with the feeling of losing money online, and so far in 2010 has dropped $3.5 Million at Full Tilt, making him 2010’s biggest loser. His list of dubious claims to fame doesn’t stop there, however, as a little further digging reveals that Hansen is not only online poker biggest loser for this year, but in fact for all time. The poker pro has dropped over $10.5 Million in his online poker career, and yet he just keeps on trucking.

In one particular TV Poker Show, the live players were asked how they felt about internet players at their table. Hansen responded that he licks his lips when he sees them there, but it seems more like it should be the online players celebrating when Hansen logs on, and not the other way around. The man certainly deserves some credit, however. While online poker is clearly showing itself not to be his forté, that doesn’t mean he’s not one hell of a poker player. Sitting at a live table he can hold his own against the best in the world, and is currently placed 21st on the All Time Money list for poker players. That he chooses to spend some of that money splashing around online and generating action is something I’m sure all high stakes players are thankful for.

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