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If there’s one thing Full Tilt Poker is known for more than any other online site, it’s that they’re the home of the pros. There are a great number of skilled professional players who compete in live events with Full Tilt patches or bear the distinctive red lettering online. With such a strong stable of stars to draw from, it’s no surprise to see Full Tilt put out a wide range of professional content. Along with strategy tips at the Full Tilt Academy and a selection of video podcasts, they also run a series of live-chat community interviews with their biggest players.

Recently, Gus Hansen logged in to field a variety of questions from fans around the world. From his base in Monaco, the Dane tackled subjects as wide ranging as his sleeping habits all the way to his thoughts on tilt. However, it was his comments about prop bets and Phil Ivey which have caught people’s attention.

One enterprising fan asked Gus who he would pick to win at the final table of the WSOP Main Event in November and got more than he bargained for. Hansen predictably plumped for Phil Ivey, but revealed that there was some financial motivation for his choice.

“Since I have a big bet on Phil Ivey – I hope he wins the main event – and on top of that I like it when some of the top players win the big tourneys.”

With interests piqued another interrogator chimed in with a question about the details of the bet. Hanson reported that he had bet $20,000 on Phil Ivey to win the main event at odds of 55-1. This means he stands to make $1.1 million if Phil can overcome his 8 opponents this fall.

Hansen has a poor reputation when it comes to sporting wagers and earlier in the chat proffered a simple “No,” when asked if he was still sports betting. His most famous loss (that he confirmed later in the chat log) occurred thanks to a $1 million bet on Rafael Nadal to win the 2009 French Open. Gus was notably absent from large chunks of the World Series this year, with the rumor being that he had set up camp in Roland Garros to sweat his million dollar investment. Although he had never previously lost at the event, Rafa famously crashed out in the fourth round to the little known Robin Soderling – who eventuallywas  defeated by Roger Federer in the final.

If the rest of the chat is anything to go by, Hansen has every faith in his pick. Phil Ivey was regularly featured in user questions and Gus even mentioned him un-prompted in some answers. When asked who he thought was the best at keeping his emotions under control he said: “Phil Ivey is actually one of the best losing players I have seen.” When asked who he thought was the best player in the world he said, “Phil Ivey,” and when questioned on which poker player he admired the most his answer was, “Phil Ivey.”

Yet another Phil-centric question cleared up the issue once and for all:

“ajinz1: Why do you have so much respect for Phil Ivey?

Gus Hansen: Because he is the best player”

The full transcript can be viewed here.