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Just when you thought it could not get any better…

You know, Porsche’s make damn fine automobiles. Their midrange coupe, nicely situated between the Boxster and the more outrageous 911, is called the Cayman. Ever wondered how one of these would drive, and its effects on the opposite sex?

Well wonder no more! PokerStars is offering you a once in a lifetime chance to win one of these things and stroll down the boulevard in style! The May edition of the PokerStars $1,000,000 Turbo takedown awards not just cash as first prize, but also a brand new Porsche Cayman S! You know, with leather interior and 6 speaker Bose stereo!

But not only that, 1 in 3 players who participate have a chance to cash. And on top of that, here is the best part, buy-in has been reduced 60%, from 5,000 FPPs to just 2,000 FPPS! Have you registered yet? If not, stop reading and go register now!

PokerStars is also offering instant cash bonuses in exchange for FPPs. No clearing anything needed here. Just fork over the required FPPs and you will be instantly awarded with the cash right in your account, so you can donk it up right away! The amounts available are $8, $16 and $160 (obviously shoot for max value and get the $160 bonus for 10,000 FPPs. Its sick sick value). Note, however, that only one each of these bonuses can be claimed by a single player during the month of May. This means that the max amount of money you can be instantly awarded will be $8 + $16 + $160 = $184.

Do not hesitate one second to take advantage of these great offers! Sign up now at PokerStars and start playing right away!