High Stakes Poker has a home for its fifth season. However, that home is the same place it’s been for the first four – The Game Show Network, also known as GSN. While the World Poker Tour will no longer be on GSN, High Stakes Poker will be staying. High Stakes Poker’s fate was uncertain for quite awhile. While it was known that they would most likely pick up another television deal if talks with GSN stalled or fell through, it wasn’t known where they would end up if talks soured. The uncertainty was furthered when WPT wasn’t picked up by GSN, and moved on to Fox Sports Network.

High Stakes Poker has been popular with its inception, as it features some of the most popular players in the world, such as Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey, and Phil Hellmuth. In Season 4, they started to feature players that were lesser known to the general public, such as internet phenoms Brian Townsend and Phil Galfond. Whether this trend will continue in Season 5 is also a mystery.

What is known for sure is that High Stakes Poker will yet again be on GSN. It’s rumored that the new season will kick off in 2009, as well as a variation to the show’s format – Omaha. If the past four seasons haven’t produced enough action or massive pots, the addition of Omaha will definitely do that. While it’s going to be a bit of a wait, High Stakes Poker will be back.