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Daniel Negreanu, Peter Eastgate, Doyle Brunson, Eli Elezra, Tom Dwan, Illari Shahmies, Barry Greenstein and David Benyamine were all at the table once again this week on High Stakes Poker.

In the first hand, Daniel Negreanu raised it to $2,500 Ad7d.  Doyle Brunson, for the third week in a row, woke up with a big pocket pair. He smooth called. Being a pretty aggressive table, he was hoping someone would squeeze/reraise preflop or to catch a big pot postflop. Eli Elezra then raised to $13,300 with 99, and Negreanu folded.  Brunson took a little Hollywood time while Elezra asked him if he had pocket kings again!  Brunson then moved all-in for $95,600, and Elezra called, creating a $195,700 pot. The players decided to run out the board twice.  The first flop came J-8-7-Q-7, first blood to Doyle after a sweat on the flop. The second board gave Eli a flush with 9h and the pot was chopped.

In the second hand Daniel Negreanu called the big blind with A8 suited, only to have Barry Greenstein raise to $4,000 on the button with JTo. Greenstein then flopped the nuts, with Q-9-8 making him a straight.  Negreanu checked called Greenstein’s bet of $5,500.  The Ah fell on the turn, an extremely bad card for Daniel.  Greenstein bet $15,000 and Negreanu called again.  The Ks fell on the river. Greenstein bet $50,000 into the pot of $51,800.  Negreanu finally made the call, and Greenstein took down the $151,800 pot.  This was a pretty bad call by Daniel. He couldn’t really beat anything that Barry would value bet on the river; he could only beat a bluff.

On the next hand, Eastgate rasied $3,000 with 89ss, Elezra called with J7dd, Zigmund cold called with 33 and Negreanu called with T8o.  The flop was K-8-6 with two diamonds.  After two checks, Eastgate fired out $32,000 into the pot of $13,600.  Negreanu remarked on the bet that it was likely a chip color mistake on Eastgate’s part.  Elezra then raised $140,000 with bottom pair and flush draw. Eli took down the pot when Eastgate admitted he had grabbed the wrong color chip, costing him an extra $25,000.

In the final hand of the show the players decided to raise the blinds to 500-1000.  Negreanu raised JJ to $2,800 and Eastgate with 33 made the call, as did Benyamine with 44, and Elezra with 32ss.  The flop came of 7-4-2dd .  Benyamine and Elezra checked, and Negreanu bet $8,000 into $13,800.  Eastgate called and Benyamine raised to $41,000 with his set.  Negreanu called, and Eastgate folded.

The turn card was the 4c, making quads for Benyamine! He asked Negreanu how much he had left, to which Negreanu replied $160,000.  Benyamine bet $35,000, trying to price in a flush draw or get a raise from an overpair. Negreanu then went all-in, finding out the bad news as Benyamine insta-called with quads. That’s the second time Daniel has run into quads in HSP.

A pretty bad night for Daniel. Let’s hope he can make a comeback next week .