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Daniel Negreanu, Peter Eastgate, Doyle Brunson, Eli Elezra, Tom Dwan, Illari Shahmies, Barry Greenstein and David Benyamine were all at the table once again this week on High Stakes Poker.

In the first interesting hand of the session, Eastgate raises Q8o and Barry re-raises to $12,000 on the button with J9hh. Dwan wakes up with AA and 4bets to $31,300. Eastgate wisely folds and Barry calls with position. The flop comes 3hJdTc and Dwan bets $46,200 into $68,500. With the pot at $114,700 Barry tanks and decides to take a stand against the aggressive Dwan. It’s possible Dwan has air or even a underpair so Barry commits himself and raises to $100,000. Dwan shoves and Barry calls his last few chips off. With the pot at $548,700 they decide to run it once and Barry spikes a 9 on the turn and Dwan bricks the river.

In the next hand Doyle raises 3,500 with AKo, Greenstein calls with A3hh, Dwan calls with 99, Elezra with AJo, Shahamies with 94hh and Daniel with 74o. The flop comes 9sTsQs. Doyle checks his second nut flush draw and royal draw. It checks round to Eli with the open ender + nut flush draw. He bets $12,000 into $34,600. It folds back round to Dwan who calls the $12,000. 7c comes on the turn and Dwan check/calls $37,000. With so many in the pot preflop, Dwan is playing cautious as Eli could have flopped a flush or straight. The river comes 6c and Dwan checks for the third time. Eli gives up and checks behind. Dwan scoops the pot.

The next hand saw Doyle limping 44. Dwan calls with 53o, Elezra with A6o, Daniel with A8 and Eastage checks the BB with Q7cc. The flop comes 3cQh5h and Eastagte leads for $5,000. Dwan just calls and everyone else folds. I think Dwan only calls because there are several people behind and he’ll only fold Eastgate’s worse hands if he raises. The turn comes Jc and Peter bets $12,000 into $16,000. Dwan calls again. The river comes 5d giving Dwan a fullhouse. Peter leads for $15,000 and Dwan overbet raises to $98,000, trying to represent that he missed the flush draw. Peter thinks for a while and wisely finds a fold. Dwan scoops another pot.

Another interesting spot occurrs when Eli raises A4hh to $3,500. Ziggy calls behind with T9o. The flop comes 7hKdQd. Eli bets $10,500 and Ziggy floats. The turn brings 3h and Eli bets $16,500 with the nut flush heart draw. Ziggy tanks for a while and raises it up to $54,000. Eli calls with the implied odds. He’s pretty sure Ziggy has a big hand. 2d on the river and both players check. Ace high scoops the pot!

In the final interesting hand of this session, Dwan raises T8o to $3,500, and Eli and Doyle call with Q8dd and J9hh respectively. The flop comes Qh8c6h. It checks to Benyamine who bets $7,800. Doyle elects to slowplay his draw and calls. Dwan also calls, perhaps planning to make a move on a later street. The turn brings 9c giving Doyle a pair, and straight and flush draws. He elects to lead $35,000 and Dwan, with a double gutter, makes a slightly loose call. Benyamine also calls with his 2 pair. With the pot at $141,500, the river comes 2h. Doyle checks. Dwan thinks about making a move and checks. Benyamine checks and Doyle takes the pot.