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Daniel Negreanu, Peter Eastgate, Doyle Brunson, Eli Elezra, Tom Dwan, Illari Shahmies, Barry Greenstein and David Benyamine were all at the table once again this week on High Stakes Poker.

There were several massive pots in this week’s episode. In the first, Negreanu raised to $3,000 with 9Tcc and was called by Dwan, who had 87o. Elezra made it $11,000 with AA, and both of his opponents called. The flop came Q-2-4 with two clubs and Elezra bet out $17,000 into $35,100. Elezra bet fairly small to induce a call or raise from a draw or a strong Queen.

Holding a flush draw, Negreanu raised to $44,100. Dwan insta-folded and Elezra made it $119,100 after a little time in the tank. Negreanu shoved for $226,300 and Elezra called. They both agreed to run the board twice. The first came the 5d 6s, a win for Elezra. The second board went 3s Js, bricking Negreanu, giving Elezra the massive $487,100 pot. Negreanu promptly reloaded.

Elezra turned up the aggression with his new found chips. In the next interesting hand, he raised to $4,500 with A9dd. Eastgate re-raised to $20,000 with QQ, and Doyle Brunson quickly folded pocket tens. Sahamies called the raise with 44 and Elezra also called. With the pot at $64,100, the flop came Kd2d7c and Elezra bet $55,000. Eastgate called and the turn came 3c. The action went check-check and the river was Jc. Both Elezra and Eastgate checked and the pot was shipped to Eastgate.

In the next hand Sahamies opened $4,000 with AdTc and Negreanu called with 77. Eastagate popped it up to $20,000 with JJ and Dwan 4bet in position with 44 to $58,700. Everyone folded except Eastgate. He called OOP. The flop came 8sQsAc and Peter checked with some weak body language. Tom bet $62,200 into $128,500, and Eastgate tanked and folded.

Greenstein and Elezra locked horns in a hand that saw four-way action to a flop of JdKcAd. Greenstein, who was the hand’s initial pre-flop raiser, led out for $7,000 with 65dds. Elezra made it $19,000 with A2o, and the action folded back to Greenstein, who called. The turn came 8c. Greenstein checked and Elezra bet $45,000. Instead of laying down his draw, Greenstein fired back and raised to $200,000, prompting a quick fold from Elezra.

Next week’s episode promises to have the poker world buzzing. The preview reveals, “Barry Greenstein and Tom Dwan have battled all season long. Next week, they will lock up in what will be one of the most talked about hands in High Stakes Poker history.” Check out High Stakes Poker on Sundays at 9:00pm ET on GSN.