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The action was lacking last week for most of the well know High Stake regulars, however it was a great week for Cole South and Di Dang.

With Cole South running pretty deep in the WSOP ME, he made his way back to the $200/400 HA tables, successfully taking on Gus Hansen, “—DONKEY1965—“ and “luckexpress10.” Over two days of play he raked in over 300k including 200k from this hand alone.

—DONKEY1965— raised to $1,200, South three-bet to $3,600, and –DONKEY1965— called. South cbet $4,800 on a Td7d2c flop and –DONKEY1965—called. The turn came 8h and South check-called a $13,000 bet. The river fell 8c and South check-shoved over –DONKEY1965—’s bet of $32,000, to $109,769. –DONKEY1965—made the call and South revealed tens full with KdJcThTs  to take down the $208,783 pot.

Another player raking in the cash last weekend was Di “Urindanger” Dang. He went on a huge upswing in the $200/400 pot-limit Omaha tables playing short-handed against “theASHMAN103,” Sami “LarsLuzak” Kelopuro, “HarrisMP,” Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond, “Tdanger00,” and Gus Hansen. He sure isn’t afraid to play all the big names! Altogether, Dang won over $412,000 in only around 1.5k hands!

Jay “pr1nnyraid” Rosenkrantz and David “Viffer” Peat (playing under the screen name “amosa”) played a $200/400 heads-up no-limit hold’em match. Many speculated that the entire session was staged for an episode of Rosenkrantz’s upcoming reality show “2 Months, 2 Million.” We’ll never know!

Though Peat ran bad in most of the big pots, his play seemed to grow more ‘tilty’ as the match went on. In the biggest ‘WTF?!’ hand of the session, Rosenkrantz raised to $1,200. Peat 3bet to $3,600 and Rosenkrantz called. Peat cbet $7,200 on a KsTs3h flop and Rosenkrantz flat-called. The turn came the Qd and Peat double barreled for $21,600. Rosenkrantz again called. Then Peat moved all in for $136,568 when the 5d river came and Rosenkrantz called all in for the $125,796. Peat had nothing with 69o and Rosenkrantz raked in the $316,393 with top two.

After Peat dropped over half a million, pr1nnyraid was either concerned or was trying to needle in the following chat:

pr1nnyraid: dont take this the wrong way
amosa: ?
pr1nnyraid: are you ok? you are playing insane
amosa: you beat me 500k str8
amosa: lol
amosa: am i ok?
amosa: die in a grease fire
pr1nnyraid: haha
pr1nnyraid: ok ok
Cole South: u guys mind if i play?
amosa: yes
amosa: hu please
Cole South: ok gl
pr1nnyraid: gl in main cole
amosa: am i ok
amosa: wt
amosa: f
amosa: vd
amosa: d
amosa: df
amosa: dfw
amosa: dfw
amosa: D V
amosa: FV
amosa: D V
amosa: d
amosa: e f3
amosa: dv E
Chat Monitor (Support): amosa has lost their chat privilege for 2 minutes. Spamming the table is prohibited.

After the match, Rosenkrantz addressed the rumors that the match was staged :

“of course he didn’t show up out of nowhere, the action is obv related to the show. we/the production have feelers out to see if ppl are interested in playing one/some of us on tv, viffer was one of several live pros that agreed to play. he’s also playing dani tomorrow live for 50 or 100k. i’m sure he got money online for the purposes of the match.

we’re also playing some other guys that i can’t talk about but i’m sure if you are railing ftp/stars over the next 2 weeks you will figure it out.

crazy f****g match though”