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In the spirit of the Holiday season, Full Tilt Poker is offering year-end bonuses courtesy of their Iron Man Challenge. By entering the December edition of their monthly marathon, you can earn bonuses not only for that month, but also for your previous accomplishments throughout the second half of 2009.

It works like this – Qualify at any level of the Iron Man Challenge this month, and you’ll receive a bonus according to the following scale:

Bronze – $25

Silver – $50

Gold – $75

Iron – $100

But here’s where it gets good. You can also earn extra cash for each month since July during which you’ve managed to qualify at any one of these levels. So, say you had three months at Bronze, two at Silver, and one month at Iron – come New Years morning, you’ll be able to claim $275 for your efforts.

Don’t count on taking the last month of 2009 off, however. To cash in on this great offer from Full Tilt, you must enter and qualify during December to make your second-half Iron Man accolades count. If you haven’t previously qualified, or if this is your first month competing in the Iron Man, you are still eligible for the December bonus.

Once 2010 rolls around, Full Tilt has stated that “you’ll have from 00:00 ET on January 1st to 23:59 ET on February 14th to clear your bonus money by earning Full Tilt Points in our real-money games.”

In another gesture of winter cheer, the company has stepped up and said that the Iron Man bonus will still be valid even if you have another active bonus at the time, such as their Holiday Hundred or 100% First Deposit offer.

Thanks to Fill Tilt for putting this on. It’s a great way to reward player loyalty and dedication over the end of what’s been an up and down year for many. We’re already only a few weeks from the end of 2009, so time is running out on this offer. Make sure to check it out.