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Yes, it’s bad grammar.  Duh.

Ok, so when I started this poker journey, it was more of a fluke.  Maybe that is why I am now shown as a fish on Sharkscope.  It’s true, look me up.  I don’t pretend to be great or hide from my mediocrity.  I am what I am.

That in mind, Yesterday I started over.  Yesterday I set a goal.  That goal is to have made $50 in profit in poker by the end of March.  This is a hefty goal for me starting out, as I just invested my second $50 buy in to FTP yesterday as well.  My stats are incredibly fishy, my playing skills seem to be struggling and I still slug my way through it.  I think my win percentage is almost nill at this point.  But I’m working on a plan.  You can tell me I’m crazy and should give up, actually, that might be helpful 😉

The plan: On Feb 25th, invest $50 into your FTP account, bringing total investment to $100.  (Completed)

Play 1-3 $2 SNG standard 9-person events at FTP each poker day (not every day is a poker day).  Review hand histories and details on what happened and why.   Develop course of action each session to resolve struggles, challenges, and then implement that plan.

So today is day 2.  Tonight when I get home I will read my hand histories from yesterday and see where I screwed up.  I played 3 events yesterday, all within the plan and all failed.  One was a bubble out, one was 5th place and one was around 6-7th.

My bubble out I know was lack of aggression.  Aggression is something I’m struggling with, as when I tend to get too aggressive I get smacked, obviously I’m picking the wrong cards to be aggressive with.

Lessons learned yesterday: 

1) Calling a weak player’s all-in when you are short stacked but holding A-K0 doesn’t always work out, he drew out to 4 Sevens.

2) My percentage of hands played is small, but I’m not clearning enough chips in those hands to stay in the running.  Need to play bigger hands more aggressively to pull more chips (hopefully).

3) Position play is incredibly important, yet the A-rag donks will play from any position, and sometimes you have to play A-Ts from early position when your M is low.

Ok… so that is where we are at.  I am officially a FISH at this point.  I want to lose the fish and at least become a break even player before the end of March.  Can I do it?  Stay tuned, advice encouraged and appreciated.