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Iowa’s senate has passed an Internet poker measure according to a short article on cbsnews. This is pretty exciting news for everyone in the United States as it opens the door for other states to follow suit. Now that the bill has gone though the senate it must go through the House of Representatives for Iowa and then through it’s governor.

The bill would allow state casinos and racetracks to offer internet poker in the state. This would allow Iowa residents to return to playing internet poker, but only with other Iowa residents for the time being. It seems there is some plan for an inter-state system that would link states together so members of different states could play together, but for the time being it seems Iowa is the only state making progress. It seems the potential revenue from internet poker was too much to pass up for Iowa’s state congress and we can only hope that other states will decide the same and eventually internet poker will be brought back to the United States as a whole.