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After losing his first SuperStar Showdown match versus Ike Haxton, Isildur1 is on a three fight winning streak with wins over Tony G, Daniel Cates, and now the latest challenger Eugence Katchalov. Isildur1 wins with a profit of $111,750 over 2500 hands of $50/$100.

SuperStar Showdown match IV started out looking rather slow. At hand 728 Katchalov had a  lead of $12,000. At hand 950 Katchalov was up about $2000. It appeared that the match would be evenly matched. Then things took a sharp turn in favor of Isildur1, including this $65,000 pot that flowed the young Swede’s way.

Poker Stars $50/$100 No Limit Hold’em – 2 player

MyRabbiFoo (BTN/SB): $31350.00
Isildur1 (BB): $31250.00

Pre Flop: ($150.00)
MyRabbiFoo raises to $300, Isildur1 raises to $1100, MyRabbiFoo raises to $2800, Isildur1 raises to $5450, MyRabbiFoo calls $2650

Flop: ($10900.00) 2h 3c Jd (2 players)
Isildur1 bets $3850, MyRabbiFoo calls $3850

Turn: ($18600.00) Kh (2 players)
Isildur1 bets $5650, MyRabbiFoo calls $5650

River: ($29900.00) 9h (2 players)
Isildur1 bets $16300 all in, MyRabbiFoo calls $16300

Final Pot: $62500.00
MyRabbiFoo shows 9c 9s (three of a kind, Nines)
Isildur1 shows Ks Kc (three of a kind, Kings)

Isildur1 wins $62500.00

Isildur1 never looked back. This $111,750 win is the largest win in the SuperStar Showdown for Isildur1 so far. Isildur1’s overall record is 3 wins-1 loss. Isildur1’s next showdown match will be played on February 27th at 15:00 ET against an online qualifier.