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All poker players have seen the name Isildur1 pop up during discussions of high stakes poker. He only began his Full Tilt Poker career recently but has already made a name for himself by taking on poker’s elite. Most poker players remember Isildur1 taking millions from Tom “durrrr” Dwan, Patrik Antonius, and others. Most poker players also remember the scandal between Isildur1 and Brian Townsend where Brian Townsend mistakenly admitted to sharing hand histories with other Cardrunner instructors. However, despite all the talk of Isildur1, nobody can confidently say they know the identity of Isildur1. This is all about to change.

PartyPoker representatives reached out to Isildur1 last week seeking his participation in the PartyPoker Big Game IV in London; the most popular cash game event in the UK taking place this year from April 11 to April 13. Tony G had offered to stake Isildur1 in this game; it has recently been confirmed in a PartyPoker press release that Isildur1 has accepted the invitation and is set to be part of the PartyPoker Big Game IV along with Phil Laak, Luke “Full_Flush” Schwartz, and Tony G himself.

Despite Isildur1’s acceptance to do the show, it is still not definite that his identity will be revealed. Knowing that part of his aura is in his anonymity, it may be smart to speculate that Isildur1 may wear a mask or costume during the taping of the show. It has been speculated earlier this year that Isildur1 is actually a young Swede player by the name of Viktor Blom. Hopefully poker players find the truth behind Isildur1’s identity this month.