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Thursday was another day that saw Viktor Blom taking advantage of a reduced number of high stakes regs on Full Tilt. I have seen an increasing number of the well known names returning after their Nevada trips, with Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene making a return to the virtual felt yesterday.

With the WSOP silly season coming to an end, I’m expecting more and more high stakes players returning to the online arena, some of them trying to make back their losses from playing the Events in Las Vegas. I still think it’s a shame Viktor didn’t make the trip out to Nevada, but he probably took the more profitable route.

Viktor entered his day of work by trying to get some action at the 2-7TD tables. After several session failed to launch, and left him without any action, Viktor ended up playing Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius at a single $1.5k/$3k 6-max table. 50 hands of action was all he got though, and the session ended with Viktor adding $128,234 to his online account. From what we can gather, a combination of run good, and some very aggressive play earned Viktor this profit, and you can have a look at some of the action in the video below.



Antonius was also in the mix when Viktor played his next action at the $2k/$4k FLO8 table named “Boring.” The action was anything but boring, especially when Kyle “cottonseed1” Hendon joined in, and the action got pretty interesting for the 42 hands Viktor was sat there, earning him a profit of $30,480.

Viktor’s only other foray into FLO8 for the day was also the session that closed out the day. He played Kyle “cottonseed1” Hendon at a heads up table, which was of course at the highest limits available. This session lasted 84 hands, and certainly didn’t go in Viktor’s favour. $267,812 left his account, and went into the Canadian’s. It was a reversal of fortunes, as Viktor had been able to be the player in profit yesterday.

We have some of Viktor’s FLO8 action for your perusal in the video below.



No Limit Hold’em has been steadily making it’s way back into being a major part of Viktor’s game rotation in the past few weeks, and yesterday was no exception. He was playing at two tables with Douglas “WGCRider” Polk and “Denoking.” The session ran for 256 hands, with just these three in the action. the only one to come out of these tables with a profit was “Denoking” as both “WGCRider” and Viktor made losses. Viktor lost $105,664, while “WGCRider only lost $64,354. “Denoking” didn’t keep hold of that money, as he lost a large amount later on in the day, and ended Thursday with a loss.

We have some of the action from these tables in the video below, and it involves some rather large pots.



Viktor’s Thursday ended with him missing $214,762 from his online coffers. This takes his yearly profit line down to $4,712,753 for the year.

Today was a better day than yesterday for Viktor. Not only did he lose less money, the way in which he lost it was more controlled.

With no mammoth losing sessions, and no indication of even the beginning of a spiral, I have to again congratulate whomever if giving Viktor his mental game coaching. I have pressed Jared Tendler, but he has (quite rightly) refused to confirm or deny if he’s working with the enigmatic Swede. Who ever it is, they have turned Viktor into a total player. he was always able to learn the games, even if that was in his own idiosyncratic way, but by reducing his chances of tilting, I’d say this mental game coach has saved Viktor at least $1,000,000.

Given the cost of coaching, I’d have to say this is a pretty good deal for Viktor, I just hope he keeps it up to continue to take advantage of the new skills he has gained.