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I’m back! After a trip to the very cold capital of the UK, I’m back, and I have to start by thanking Filik for the great job he did cover the “Watch” while I was away. I can now say I have been in the presence of the great Viktor Blom, and he did not order his assassins to kill me, or his lawyers to sue me. He did however get swept by Elky, but I’m not taking responsibility for that.

Viktor is currently playing Day 3 of EPT London, and most likely would have been Chip Leader if his Queens had held up against renowned Canadian Luckbox Nick Abou Risk’s AK, when his A(spade) 4 flushed to take half of Viktor’s stack. Viktor still finished the day as one of the big stacks with over 350K. The hand was shown live on the web stream, which you can view on FTR by clicking here.

After a full day of playing a major live tournament, you would have thought that Viktor would take the time to relax, and prepare for his day today in the VicCasino in London. With this being the infamous Isildur1, of course that didn’t happen.

After retreating to his secret London base, Blom fired up his Full Tilt Poker client, and sat straight into the action. Viktor sat into a $2k/$4k FLO8 game against “SallyWoo,” and over the next 161 hands, he relieved Sally of $151,958. We have a flavour of the battle in the video below:



Blom also sat down at a 2-7 6-Max table at the biggest limits, and stayed at one or other of these tables for the rest of his session, lasting 2 hours. With most of the action being against “Seb86”, Viktor walked away with a small $12k loss, which isn’t bad over 288 hands. We have some of the action below:



With Viktor running deep as one of the chip leaders in EPT London, I’d be surprised if he was back online tonight, but I’ve been wrong before. Blom added $139,944 to his bankroll last night, and will be hoping to make the money in London today as well. With his poor showing in the battle against the PokerStars Team Pro, Viktor may be wanting to prove a point in London this week.

If you want to go up against Viktor, Full Tilt are offering you the opportunity with their “Challenge Table” promotion. You can download the client here, and set up your account, and also take advantage of FTR’s exclusive Welcome Bonus