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I was expecting a nice calm day ahead of me, with nothing too much to report from Viktor Blom’s online exploits. Then he busted out of PokerStars EPT London, when his open ended straight draw didn’t get there against a set of tens. Within 2 minutes I was setting up prop bets on Skype as to how quickly Blom would be on Full Tilt, and what his profit line was going to do. For my own safety, I’m not to going to release how I did, but I will say I wasn’t crying into my coffee this morning.

Viktor was having a hard time last night finding people to play, and had a large amount of time sitting at tables waiting for players to find either the courage or the bankroll to play this wounded beast of online poker.

When he did get action, Viktor started off brightly, at a $1.5k/$3k 2-7TD 6-max table. With most of the action against 2-7TD specialist “Alexonmoon,” Viktor was probably happy to bank the $29,991 profit from the 30 hands they played.

After over an hour of looking for action, Viktor found perpetual opponent Kyle “KPR16” Ray wiling to battle him over a $2k/$4k FLO8 table. Over just under 3 hours, and 443 hands, “KPR16” enriched himself from Viktor’s bankroll to the tune of $92,102. In the video below, we have some of the highlights.



While FLO8 wasn’t being nice to Viktor, 2-7TD seemed to be being kind  to him. He started a short heads up matchup against German high stakes player “kagome kagome” while he was playing “KPR16.” Over 16 minutes and 34 hands, Viktor profited to the tune of $52,492. We have some of the big hands below:



After his matchup with Kyle Ray finished, Viktor had a little time off, but after 25 minutes, he was back deep in the action, with a heads up matchup against FLO8 guru “SallyWoo.” In a session lasting just over two and half hours, and 450 hands, Sally out foxed Isildur to the tune of $253,780. We caught the action, and the highlights are in the next video:



Viktor’s bust out from the EPT may have had greater impact than anyone first thought. He didn’t seem to be playing the quality of poker we have been seeing from his recently, and this was reflected in his results. While his 2-7TD game still turned him a decent profit, the losses at FLO8 to both “KPR16” and “SallyWoo” seem to indicate a change from the Blom who was able to at least hold his own against these specialists. “SallyWoo” seems to be widely considered the best FLO8 player out there, and even Gus Hansen is starting to talk about better game selection, and avoiding these experts (You can see us talking exclusively to Gus here). While Viktor can obviously now place his A game alongside these specialists, on days like yesterday, when he obviously wasn’t playing that A game, maybe he should find the off switch a little quicker?

Viktor Ended the day down $263,400 down, which puts his profit for the year at $3.3 Million, which probably means he didn’t go to bed crying last night.

I’m off to finish off the videos we got from EPT London, while watching the Live Stream, multitasking for the win. If you want to try out your game, maybe you can find one of the Full Tilt Professionals at one the promotional “Challenge tables.” All you need is a Full Tilt account. You can download the client here, and take advantage of the exclusive FTR Welcome Package.