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In yesterday’s “watch,” I talked about Viktor’s A game, and when he’s not playing it, to turn the poker client off. I don’t know if Viktor reads this series, but yesterday he found his A game, and then some. Since starting this series I’ve discovered Viktor has annoying habit of making me look like a fool. When I suggest he needs to learn to turn off the poker client when he’s not playing his best, the next day he comes back and crushes the field.

I’m thinking of starting a career in motivational speaking. I wonder if Viktor needs a life coach?

Isildur’s day started out with an 8 hand winning session of PLO 6-Max, where he picked up a tasty $18,398. not bad for 3 minutes work. This was the last time he played any of the more traditional high stakes railing games, and his love for 2-7TD and FLO8 doesn’t seem to be waning.

For most of the day, Viktor, and many other recognisable high stakes players, were at the 6-Max $2k/$4k FLO8 tables. With players like Phil “Polarizing” Ivey, and Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies getting into the action, these tables were not the place to “take a shot.” With the tables filled with the highest calibre of players available, Viktor could have been excused for trying to find a softer game elsewhere, but in his usual style, he jumped right in, and destroyed some of the finest poker players around today. Over his whole day at the 6-Max FLO8 tables, and after a poor start, Viktor was up $559,287. We have some of the key hands below:



Viktor also had some 2-7TD action against Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn, but unlike recent history, Viktor’s luck wasn’t in with the lo-ball gods, and he ended up with a $127,907 loss after just over an hour, and 173 hands at the $1.5k/$3k table. We have some of the action below:



Apart from a quick 9 hands at a 2-7 6-Max table, Viktor’s only other action was a short heads up session against Kyle “cottonseed1” Hendon. Over 5 minutes, Viktor took his opponent apart, and ended up with a nice $65,996 profit.



Viktor seems to have bounced back from his EPT bust out (you can view the penultimate day’s action from London here) with a vengeance. While he game selection may not be the norm, in that he always searches out the toughest opponents, his FLO8 game appears to now be able to better than hold it’s own against the highest quality competition. He ended the day with a very impressive $511,279 profit, taking his yearly total back up to just over £3.8Million. Although I don’t want to jinx the Swedish Master, it does look like his downswing has truly ended, and his game has adjusted to let him play these new games for a profit.

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