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So, yesterday, I was AWOL, and I know I promised you all some exciting action from our Swedish Hero. Sorry it’s a little late, I wasn’t hauled off by hit men hired by Mr Blom, and I wasn’t abducted by aliens. More I can’t tell you, but I do have some catching up to do.

We have a few hands that should have been brought to you yesterday, and they are of Isildur playing at the $100/$200 HU PLO tables. We have hands of Viktor playing “trex313”:



Viktor ended Valentines Day down a chunky $352K, and I’m just hoping he had a fun evening with Mrs Isildur to make up for it.

Moving on to today’s excitement, Viktor seemed to be starting brightly. He won $43,497 at a $1.5/$3k 2-7TD table over 7 hands against Scott “mastrblastr” Seiver. Due to a technical issue, we don’t have many hands for you today, and no more videos, and no 2-7 hands at all. All we know is it must have been a fairly brutal 7 hands for Scott.

At the same time he stared with Scott, blom was also sitting across from “trex313” at the $200/$400 Heads up PLO tables. With three tables open, we managed to fight through the technology and grab you these hands:

Trex opened to $1,200 from the button, and Blom re-raised behind him to $3,200. Trex’s call brought the 86J flop, quickly followed by a $5,600 bet from the Swede. Trex took little time in taking the aggression lead back, and re-raising to $24,000. Blom, never one to sit back and take it, shove all-in for $41,199, with his opponent calling from across the virtual felt.

Blom showed 9TQA for a wrap around straight draw, and “trex313” showed 9JAT for a pair of jacks, and a straight draw, with blockers to Blom’s draw. The 2 on the turn changed nothing, and the river of 4 did even less. The Pot was slid over to trex.

We also caught this massive hand between these two:

trex opened from the button, again to $1,200, and Blom’s reraise this time was to $3,600. With trex seeing this bet, the flop of 6KT came down on the table. Blom led out for $5,600, and trex flatted in position to bring the turn. The 8 completed any diamond draws, and also filled up a 6-10 straight. Blom fired a $13,600 round into the pot, just for trex to call in position. the 6 river paired the board, but didn’t slow Blom down at all. He fired out a pot sized bet of $45,6000, to put trex all-in. He called, and Viktor turned over 78AA for 2 pair. However, trex showed 6K38 for a rivered boat to take the pot.

Blom seemed to be taking most of  the larger pots, but with trex coming out $161,223 ahead, he must have grinded out the 458 hand session, taking the smaller pots.

Blom and Seiver got back together after Viktor’s disapointing PLO session. They say back down at the 2-7 tables again, and this time, Scott got his revenge. He left $92,270 to the good.

Blom also started playing FLO8 during this session with Seiver, and ended up dropping $96,010 to Phil Ivey at a $2k/$4k heads up table. With Viktor making a 5 hand flying visit to a $25/$50 PLO table, and the loss of nearly $2k being but a drop in the bucket of the day.

Viktor ended up down $307,998, but is still one of the biggest winner on the year with around a £1.2 Million profit.

You can still get into the action with Viktor if you want, as Full Tilt are still running their “Challenge Table” promotion, offering you the chance to play Viktor at some low level games. You can download the client here, and take advantage of the exclusive FTR Welcome Package.