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Today, I look as green as the beer drunk by pseudo Irish all over the world last night during St Patrick’s Day, so apologies if this isn’t the best “Watch” of all time. I may have indulged a little too much last night.

Someone who obviously wasn’t out of the town last night was Viktor Blom, who put in another massive session. I’m not sure if he’s got a big credit card bill due or something, but he’s been putting in the time and effort at the tables for the last week or so. Yesterday for Viktor Blom involved him stopping playing around Midday GMT, and then taking 4 hours off, and getting back on the grind. He was then playing constantly until 7am this morning. That is dedication, especially with the fun of St Paddy’s day available.

Viktor has long been considered a heads up specialist, but his reputation may be growing beyond that. He spent a large amount of yesterday at various nosebleed 6-Max tables. He started at one of the 2-7TD variety. 2-7TD 6-max turned out to be Viktor’s best game of the day, and over the day he earned $376,259 at these tables. We have some of the biggest hands below:



Viktor’s other big game selection of the day was 6-max FLO8, but while his volume was much larger than his 2-7TD play, he wasn’t as fortunate. Viktor ended up down $419,493 over the day at these 6-Max tables. His losses seem to have come at the hands of Kyle “KPR16” Ray, who seems to have been following Viktor around these tables. Kyle came out as the biggest winner yesterday, with a $379,026 profit, most of which seems to have some from Isildur. We have some of the highlights for your perusal below:



Viktor, never being one to let himself get comfortable, was also in action at some No Limit Hold’em tables. Over 2 dual $300/$600 table sessions, Viktor played “Trueteller,” and $38,359 went into the Swede’s account.

Blom also threw in some PLO action as well, just it seems to make my life more difficult. He played 103 hands at a pair of 6-Max tables at $300/$400, and walked away with a $26,102 profit.

We didn’t catch any of the action, as we are having a hard enough time keeping up with Viktor on his usual tables.

Viktor’s only other confrontation of the day was against “SallyWoo” over some heads up $2k/$4k FLO8 tables. They played 640 hands over 3 sessions, and Blom once again took the honours, and a $182,445 profit. We have some of the big action below:



It still seems that Viktor has worked out how to beat “SallyWoo” heads up, but he’s still having issues with some of the other big FLO8 players. Kyle Ray seems to be a big thorn in Viktor’s side, whether at a heads up table, or the 6-Max variety.

Blom also seems to have worked out how to win big at the 2-7TD tables as well, with highly respected 2-7TD player Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau being the day’s biggest loser with a $211,796 loss, a big percentage of which ended up with Viktor.

Viktor’s day ended with a $203,672 profit, taking him up to a profit on the year of around $3.3Million

Blom’s game appears to now be of the level that puts him slap bang in the middle of the cream of both FLO8 and 2-7TD nosebleed players online, and I think it can only be a matter of time before Isildur works out “KPR16” and “cottonseed1” to regularly lead the FLO8 win/loss tables. With 2-7TD becoming the “in” game for the glitterati of the poker world (alongside open face Chinese of course) I can see more new players joining these games, with deep pockets, maybe giving Viktor the opportunity to get back up over $5Million for the year.

If you feel you are good enough to chip away at Viktor’s profit, or just want a story to amaze your home game with, you can play against Isildur1 (and Gus Hansen) at Full Tilt’s “Challenge Tables.” All you need is a Full Tilt account, and you can download the client here, which allows you to take advantage of the exclusive FTR Welcome Bonus.