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In the words of the late, great Martin Luther King, “Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!” What I mean by this is, Viktor Blom has broken my jinx, and by booking a winning day, I get to leave my now very tastefully decorated bunker.

It’s only (I say only, how jaded I have become) $154k, but a win is a win, and it means I’m off the hook for his downswing. All of that now squarely rests with Viktor.

Viktor started off the day by facing “Alexonmoon” over a $1.5k/$3k 2-7TD table, that he ended up sitting at for over 8 hours. It didn’t start well, and Viktor dropped $27,702 to Alex, for Alex’s only winning session of the day.

The day then started to brighten up, with Viktor reliving “cottonseed1” of close to $112k at a Heads Up FLO8 table. We caught all the action, and have picked out what we consider to be the best hand:

Blom opened with a raise from the button, and cottonseed called out of position. The flop of 9A6 brought a check from Blom’s opponent, and ever the aggressor, Viktor fired out. This time, cottonseed fired back, Viktor called, and they took the $16k pot to the turn.
The 8 completed some straight draws, and cotton fired out, continuing his betting line from the flop. Viktor came back over the top, bringing a call from across the felt. the 5 river gave some options on the low side of the pot, and Cottonseed checked. Blom fired again, and got a call. Viktor turned over 75Q4 for a 9 high straight for the High pot, and a 7 Lo for the Low pot, scooping the whole $40k into his stack.

After a short break these two players got back together, at a different table. The new table seemed to change the luck, and “cottonseed1” came out just over $59k to the good. At the same time this was going on, Isildur was also playing “Alexonmoon” again at a $1.5k/$3k 2-7TD table.
For nearly 2 hours, and 337 hands, these two battled, with Viktor turning a massive $356,144 profit, and with hands like this, it’s easy to see why:

Blom, with the added power of the button, stared off the hand by raising, with Alex just calling behind. Alex took 2 cards, while Viktor took 3. Alex checked, and called Viktor obligatory raise. Both players discarded 2 more cards, and this time Alex led out the betting, allowing the Swede to come back over the top. it didn’t stop there though, Alex capped the action, and Viktor called behind to take us t the last draw. Alex stood pat on his hand, while Viktor drew 1 card. Chips flew fast a furious, ending up with Alex capping the action, leaving a $45k pot in the middle.
Alex turned over 76532 for a near nut hand, thing is, Blom’s 76432 was just a little bit nearer to the nuts, and earned him the pot.

Viktor’s streak continued when he took another $12,746 off “PostflopAction” at another $1.5k/$3k 2-7TD table, but at the same time, his streak was broken against “SallyWoo” who seems to have made the Plantation $2k/$4k FLO8 table her own. In her only session of the night she dipped into Viktor’s wallet to the tune of $132,606 over a measly 69 hands.

With a massive number of split pots, we had a hard time finding a big pot that only went in 1 direction, but we hope you’ll be happy with our research:

Blom, again with position, fired out an opening bet, only to see Sally fire back. Blom called, and the flop of AT6 hit the felt, shortly followed by Sally’s bet. This time it was Blom who fired back, and Sally who called. The 9 brought in some straight draws, and placed a flush draw on the board. Sally checked, and then raised over Blom’s stab at the pot. Viktor’s call brought us to the river. The J brought a lot of straight draws to the party, and induced Sally to lead out. Viktor called, only to see the $44k pot slide to Sally when she showed A987 for a Jack high straight to scoop.

After this beating at the hands of “SallyWoo” blom didn’t really play for a while, coming back after a few hours, and sitting at the $200/$400 PLO tables, and making a not insignificant profit of $26k. over the next few hours.
While doing this, he also managed to squeeze in playing “Seb86” at $1.5k/$3k 2-7TD, managing to drop $62,256. While the action wasn’t all one way, hands like this certainly didn’t help the Swede.

Seb had the button, and fired out, Blom fired back and Seb called to start the 1st draw. Both players discarded 2 cards, and this time, Blom was the the 1st to fire, getting a call from the in position Seb. Both players seemed to be in the same mindset as they both drew 1 card, and then watching as the chips flew, and the action was capped to give a $36k pot going to the last draw. Both players stood pat, and Isildur fired out his last bet, and Seb called behind.
Blom turned over 76542, but was just pipped by Seb’s 76432 to send the $42k pot to the Frenchman’s stack.

It looked like Blom was getting tired, because after this, he dropped $40k playing $200/$400 PLO and another $63k to “Seb86” at a different $1.5k/$3k 2-7TD table, and due to the limits of science, we missed those hands.

When I got up, I did catch the end of Blom’s session, but I was too late to capture any hands. This left Blom up $154,096 for the day, which really has been the 1st winning day since we started this series.

Blom now has a yearly profit of $2.82 Million, and is still the biggest winner so far this year.

If you think you can take advantage of Viktor, and can reverse his new winning ways, you can join him at the Full Tilt Challenge Tables just by downloading the Full Tilt Client here.

I’m going to be going outside and enjoying the sunshine, but I’m sure I’ll be back glued to the screen by the end of the day.