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It seems that either Isildur1 loves coffee, or his love for the game is magically giving him stamina that would amaze even a Greek God. After his mammoth session over the past few days, he was back at it again, but this time, he only went 14 hours. A walk in the park after his last mega session.

Viktor started out playing in the new mega game on Full Tilt, the $1.5k/$3k 2-7TD 6_max tables. With players such as Phil “Polarizing” Ivey, Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond, and Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius being regular players alongside our Swedish Protagonist, this game is certainly not the softest target online, and large sums of money are flying across the tables on a regular basis.

Viktor was playing these games all day, and came out with a $55,606 profit overall. The biggest hands involving the Swede are in the video below.



Viktor went on a short break after his 1st 2-7TD 6-Max game, and came back to the $200/$400 6-Max PLO games. He played these for the next 2 and half hours, coming out with a $13,143 profit. Most of the action was against “trex313.” The highlights are below:



Blom did manage to squeeze in a session of FLO8 while he was playing the $200/$400 PLO games. This was against “SallyWoo,” and earned Blom the tidy sum of $97,970. We caught some of the hands, and the big ones are in the video below:



Mr Blom then started playing a $250/$500 PLO session with “Sauce1234,” and this matched played out involving several tables, in two short sessions, over the next 3 and a half hours. Blom ended up losing $37,971 to the PLO expert,

We caught a few of the hands, but this was the most interesting of those we saw:



Viktor then threw yet another curve ball, and sat at the $2k/$4k FLO8 6-max tables, and worked them in between 2-7TD 6-Max sessions for most of the rest of his working day. Players such as Phil Ivey, “PostflopAction” and Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius were also there, making this less of a fish pool, and much more like a shark tank.

We caught some hands over the session Blom played as he dropped $202,006 to these legends, with a big chunk of it going to Phil Ivey.



The only other session between all these 6-Max games, Viktor had time to play a 50 hand session of heads up $1.5k/$3k 2-7TD against Patrik Antonius. With so much back ad forth, we missed this matchup, but we do know that Viktor squeezed out a $5,239 profit from the Finn.

With the end of this heads up match, Viktor also quit his 6-Max games, and called it a night, with a profit of $75,460 to show for his 14 hour work day. Not a bad hourly rate, and certainly better than the minimum wage. This brings Isildur back over the $1.5 Million mark for the year. Still not close to the $5 Million he was in profit back in January, but the volume and the results of the past few days must be giving him hope he’ll be back at those levels pretty soon.

If you want to pitch your game against one of the best in the world, Viktor Blom is still playing at the lower buy in games as part of the “Challenge Tables” promotion at Full Tilt. If you haven’t got an account yet, you can download the client here, just remember to take advantage of the exclusive FTR Welcome Package.