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It seems I picked the wrong weekend to take some time off. It seems that Viktor Blom has been doing his impersonation of a rollercoaster, and has plummeted from a massive $570k profit on the 22nd, with an equally impressive $687k loss on the 23rd, followed by a reasonably quiet day yesterday. Guess that’ll teach me for leaving my computer and having a life!

Viktor’s day started out at the $1.5k/$3k 2-7TD tables against Phil “Polarizing” Ivey. They played 2 sessions, with the first running for 64 hands, with Ivey coming out with a $47,500 profit. The second ran for 6 hands, and brought Viktor a $58,498 profit, giving Blom a slim $10,996 profit over the man widely accepted as the best all round poker player on the planet.

After this, Viktor’s day went downhill, and while he stuck with the 2-7TD game, he switched it up to the now infamous $1.5k/$3k 6-Max game that has been running on Full Tilt recently. Ivey was also in this game, as was the mysterious “kagome kagome.” Over 149 hands, Viktor managed to lose $148,498, and only seemed to stop to concentrate on the “Cool Million” tournament.

The event had an overlay, as only 82,871 entries were made, leaving the $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool uncovered by the entry fees. Viktor managed to run pretty well in the event, and was in 3rd place for a time. He ended up in 1828th place, winning a life changing $60! When Blom busted, the game had got very shallow stacked. With little play left, it had become a flip-fest, and Viktor had been his usual aggressive self. We caught his bust out, and have it for you below:



With a few short 2-7TD session at heads up and 6-Max tables earning Viktor more losses, he must have decided to change up hi game selection, and moved over to the nosebleed FLO8 game.

He sat opposite Kyle “KPR16” Ray at a $2k/$4k table, and over the next 68 hands, $75,060 left his bank roll, and was slid across the virtual felt to the American’s stack. We caught some of the action, and it seemed all the big hands went to the Mexican residing Georgian:



With only another 8 hands in Viktor’s working day, it seems he’s had enough. These 7 hands netted him a loss of $19,250, and left Viktor with a graph for the day ending up $324,362 below the break even line.

This has brought Viktor’s profit below $1 Million for the first time this year, and has to be concerning to the Swede. After his amazing success in early to mid January, Viktor has been on a steady down swing. With his insistence on playing the highest quality opponents and high variance games, he isn’t helping his chances to get back to those January highs.


If you feel you can add to Viktor’s down swing, or you just want a story to tell your poker playing friends, Full Tilt are still offering you the chance. The promotional “Challenge Tables” are still available for you to hunt out Isildur1, and test your mettle. If you don’t have an account at Full Tilt yet, you can download the software here, just remember, you’ll get access to the exclusive FTR Welcome Package when you do.


I’m off to cancel everything in my diary, just to make sure I don’t miss an exciting weekend like this again, but given some of the things I’ve got planned, you might not want me to. I’m saying nothing more, just keep your eyes on this space.