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After a weekend of Viktor Blom riding the rollercoaster of variance, and putting in some serious volume, yesterday saw him take a more sedate pace, but we don’t think that was all his choice.

With his highest limit game being a $1k/$2k FLO8 game lasting only 12 hands, and with him only playing 459 hands in total, we think Isildur was just lacking someone to play against. While I, for one, wouldn’t be unhappy to see Mr Blom drop down a few levels in order to improve his 2-7TD game, it would make for a much less interesting report each day.

Viktor’s main game of yesterday was $25/$50 6-Max PLO, and he kept jumping tables, most likely because of his intimidating reputation breaking tables. With only 1 table giving him any sort of volume, and that only being 91 hands, and this table giving him his biggest win on the day of a very un-Isildur1-esque $17,348, I have to think being a very big shark in this pool of sardines wasn’t working in Viktor’s favour.

We managed to catch some of Viktor’s hands at these PLO tables, and bring you some of the highlights:



After some abortive attempts to get some $200/$400 2-7TD action going, Viktor managed to get a $500/$1000 FLO8 table running against KPR16. While these two have fought at much higher levels, this was the highest game they played for the day. With KPR coming out only $4,890 ahead after 80 hands, the action was back and forth:



The next high stakes action for Isildur1 was a break from our normal programming. He entered a No-Limit Hold’em Tournament. The Monday £1k. With 113 runners, and Mike “SirWatts” Watson taking the 1st place prize of $33,900, Viktor’s foray back into tournament poker ended with his bustout in 40th place.



After his disappointing return to tournament poker, Viktor was back at the FLO8 tables, this time against “SallyWoo.” Their game started at $500/$100, and over 35 hands, Sally took $6k from Blom’s stack. They stepped up to $1k/$2k for 12 hands, and Viktor dropped another $40,490.

Viktor’s last action for the day was at a $200/$400 2-7TD heads up table, against Eugene “fishosaurusREX” Yanayt. The 41 hand session cost Viktor little more than time. About $4,700 more than time, but compared to his recent games, this is a drop in the ocean. We caught some of the hands:



We also caught Viktor giving back to the fans by making an appearance at his more reasonably priced “Challenge Tables.”



If you’d like to join in with these games, you still can, and maybe you can add to Viktor’s downswing, or make some stories to regale your poker friends with over a drink or two. All you need to do is download the Full Tilt client, and set up an account, remembering to take advantage of FTR’s exclusive Welcome Bonus.