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Today is a special Good Friday edition for the Isildur1 Watch, and I’m pretty sure Viktor Blom thinks it’s a better day than yesterday. After the mercifully short session yesterday, Viktor put in a much bigger session. In 2514 hands over a session that was just short of 7 hours, Viktor played a mix of PLO, FLO8 and NLHE.

Viktor started out at the NLHE $500/$1000 $30k Cap heads up tables. The matchups were against two high stakes regulars in “Trueteller” and “SanIker.” The battle against “Trueteller” was on top of (the table called) “MountDoom,” and Isildur was able to be victorious over this opponent to the tune of $52,486. In the other matchup against “SanIker,” Viktor achived a stalemate, and lost a insignificant $2,780. We Have some of the big hands from both of these matchups in the video below:



Towards the end of his NLHE battle against “SanIker,” Vikor renewed his confrontational relationship with the FLO8 Expert “SallyWoo.” This latest chapter in the battle between these two giants ran for 279 hands and two hours at a $2k/$4k heads up table. After such a comparatively large session, the balance was tipped slightly in the favour of “SallyWoo,” with a small 12 Big bet profit of $48,000. With this small difference, we have to consider this little better than a draw for Sally. We have some of the highlights below:



The rest of Viktor’s day was spent at the PLO tables, battle against another of his regular opponents in “Bttech86.” Playing two $500/$1000 $40k Cap tables at a time, the session consisted of 1401 hands, and ended after just over four hours.

At the end of the session, Viktor was richer to the tune of $432,058, which was a very nice end to his day. We have some of the highlights of this battle below:



So, after his abortive bad session on Wednesday, Viktor has managed to get his graph to go back in the correct direction. His day ended with a $433,766 profit, taking his yearly earnings back up to $3,451,105, which has him closing back on 1st place in the yearly rankings.

It seems that Viktor has found his “A” game again. With no real losing sessions (I consider the losses to “SanIker” and “SallyWoo” draws) for the day, Viktor was certainly on top of his game. With this good day following such a poor one yesterday, Viktor’s decision to curtail his last session seems to be bearing fruit. I’m going to sit back and wait for the next time Viktor plays a session at less than his best, before I confirm he has cured himself of his requirement to play through these sessions, but it’s looking good. We may be seeing the evolution of Viktor Blom into an even better player right in front of our eyes. If that’s the case, I’m looking forward to watching this process, and hope the results don’t end up like they would in a sci-fi movie.

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