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Isildur has been quiet for the last few days, too quiet if you ask me. He must be up to something. He’s barely been online, and when he has been, he’s been playing $25/$50 PLO tables, not his usual much higher fare.

What has probably happened is he has contracted OFC Syndrome. To the uninitiated, OFC Syndrome, or to give it it’s full name, Open Face Chinese Poker Syndrome, is responsible for a large number of professional poker players leaving the tables, and playing in private, using tablets to play each other over the internet. It is a debilitating disease that is causing the High Stakes action to dry up, and making the High Stakes Rail industry sit on it’s hands waiting for something to do. Doctors have yet to find a cure, but rest assured, it can only be a matter of time until one of the big sites starts to offer OFC online for us all to watch.

Yesterday however, Viktor started out at the $25-$50 PLO tables, and pretty much stayed there for a small session running just over an hour and a half, and 311 hands. He was playing both HU and 6_max games, but Viktor didn’t see much action. We’ve brought you the biggest pots below. The session ended with Viktor dropping a meagre $8,444.

The only other action we caught Mr Blom in yesterday was a small foray into the world of the High Stakes Heads Up Sit and Go. With the match between the Full Tilt Professionals, and the players of PokerStars Team Pro looming, it looks like Viktor may have be trying to get some practise in. He played 4 Sit and Gos, three for $5k, and one was a $1k Hyper. All of the dames were against “riyyc225”. Viktor won one of the $5K games, but lost the others, deepening his loss for the day.

We caught the games, and we’ve reproduced 2 of the $5k matchups for your enjoyment. From what I can see as a reasonable Heads Up player, and from conversations I’ve had with other Heads Up players, Viktor seems to be playing ok, but running poorly in this format. The video is rather long, but you can re-live the swings in these heads up games, and we think it’s worth it.

Viktor’s downswing seems to be continuing into March, as (not including tournament buy ins or winnings) he is only standing at a profit of about $900k for the year. This is significantly down on his high from mid January of $5 Million.

If you want to pile on to Viktor, Full Tilt are giving you the option. The “Challenge Table” promotion is still running, and offers you the chance to sit at the same virtual table as this Swedish Master. All you need is a Full Tilt account, and you can download the software to set one up here, and take advantage of FTR’s exclusive Welcome Package.

I’m going to go and talk to my local doctor about a cure for OFC Syndrome, or at least try to beat him for a few points while we talk.