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After a few days off, Viktor Blom is back. Given the WSOP APAC started today, I’m guessing we’ll be hearing a lot more about Viktor’s shenanigans down under. I however may soon be gracing the front page of my local paper as “Local Man Beats Computer in Street with Hammer!” I have a love/hate relationship with my technology, as I had some great videos for the watch today, but technology hates me, and I’ve not been able to save any of these. I’m sorry about this, and my computer will be making an apology later in this article.

Viktor’s workload was spread over FLO8, 2-7TD and PLO, and his day started with 395 hands of 6-Max PLO, with most (if not all) of the action against Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene. After two hours of play, Viktor was down $303,487, not the best start to his day. This would be the point I add in a video, but as I can’t, this will have to do:



The game of FLO8 was calling to Viktor, and he sat two heads up matches over the day, both of them against Kyle “KPR16” Ray. The first game lasted for 348 hands and nearly two and a half hours.
That matchup cost Blom $149,483. The second matchup was much shorter at 16 hands, and only cost Viktor a reasonable toll of $63,218.
It seems that on this day, at these tables, Kyle had Viktor’s number. That number turned out to be $212,701, and that’s how much Viktor lost. Again, this is the point I’d include a video, and I just hope this is suitable replacement:


Viktor’s attention then turned to the 2-7TD 6-Max tables, where he was up against top quality players, including a returning Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond and Isildur1 Watch regular “Seb86”. They battled on and off for most of the rest of the day, stretching out Viktor’s 290 hands at this game.

Viktor was probably glad he hadn’t taken a hammer to his computer, as he ended up winning $138,691, with “Seb86” taking the brunt of the losses.  Galfond appears to have improved his 2-7TD game, as he also ended up a winner. A video would normally accompany this, but guess what’s coming next?



This seems to be another day that Viktor Blom needed to know when to close down the Full Tilt software, and go and do something else. I thought he’s grown beyond this, but it seems that Viktor still has this tendency to try and play through downswings. He may benefit from joining in our AMA with Jared Tendler next month, as I’m sure Viktor could pick up some tips to help reduce the amount he loses in these stretches.

Viktor ended the day down $411,499, which takes his yearly numbers to a $2,321,957 profit as he has also played some short sessions that we didn’t cover. It seems that Viktor either wins big, or loses this year. He hasn’t had too many small winning days as yet.

You can see if your mental game is better than Viktor’s, and join in at Full Tilt Poker. All you need to do is download the software, and if you do it through FlopTurnRiver, you also get access to our exclusive welcome package.