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Amazingly, today’s Islidur1 Watch doesn’t come from inside either the local police cells, or a heavily guarded mental institution, and there isn’t a hammer in sight today. Yes, my computer is behaving itself, and that allows me to bring you a rather special article today, and I have videos.

Viktor hasn’t been having the greatest of results over the past week, and we speculate this may be due to him being in Australia for the WSOP APAC (although we have nothing but deduction and a rumbling gut to support this), and being out of his comfort zone.

Yesterday might show the first glimmer of a turnaround. Viktor played most of his day against Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene, for 2196 hands at the 6-Max $500/$1000 $40k Cap tables. It doesn’t look like anyone else joined in the action, and these two poker warriors battled it out over the day. Over this battle, some of the tables had over a million dollars sitting there in virtual chips. With only $80,000 at risk in any single hand, the battle was drawing heavily on the bankrolls of the players, and it seemed that Viktor was having the best of it. After losing to “Bttech86” in the recent past, he was due to turn the tables on the American, and he did it in a big way.

Viktor took $1,863,091 from Ben’s bankroll, which after the recent losses to him, must have felt really good. At one point, Viktor was sitting at a table with over a million dollars in front of him.

We have some of the highlights in the longer than usual video below:



Viktor’s only other action on the day was a nice short 8 hand session of FLO8 with “cottonseed1.” Kyle Hendon’s online avatar can’t have been happy with losing $39,997 to Isildur1 so quickly, but this is well within the expected variance of the game, and doesn’t even equate to 10 Big Bets. The only hand worthy of note is below, although Viktor did win five out of the eight hands played:



It seems that Viktor has re-found his “A” game, and used it to devastating effect against “Bttech86.” I’d even go as far to say, it was Tollerene who was showing the classic Isildur1 trait of not knowing where to quit, although with his recent winnings against Viktor, he has an excuse to continue to sit against someone who had been paying out to him like a broken ATM.

Yesterday, Viktor left the tables with a $1,903,088 profit on the day, taking his yearly win line to just under $4Million at $3,985,809.

Viktor again showed the world why he’s able to play these high stakes games, and turn a profit, even after downswings like the past few days. What he has yet to prove, to me at least, is that he is able mature into a player able to walk away from a game when he’s not playing his best. A few weeks ago, I thought he’d got it, now I really don’t know.

Viktor’s “A” game may be the best out there, but his “B” and “C” games just don’t seem to able to stand up against some of the high stales players out there. With this being the case, Viktor really needs to learn to stand up, cash out, and move off to do something else, or just improve his game to allow him to win when not playing his best. It looks like Jared Tendler’s new book is going to have a section on this, and I really can’t recommend it more to Mr Blom. Jared is also doing an AMA with us on the 1st of May, maybe Viktor should consider popping in?


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