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Ok everyone, keep calm. Viktor Blom has had. A. Good. Day. I don’t want to jinx our Swedish hero, and based on what has happened every other time I’ve harped on after this has happened, his lawyers may have a case for a real world impact from my writing. Cause and Effect. I’ll be claiming Post hoc ergo propter hoc as a defence, and hoping Blom’s lawyers have some classical training, and can read Latin. That or they can use Wikipedia.

Viktor’s day started out at the lower levels that, after the past few days, we are coming to expect him to play. With a combination of $50/$100 6-Max Cap PLO, $200/$400 and $300/$600 2-7TD heads up  games, Blom’s day started out with a loss of $21,499 over 536 hands. Not the start I’m sure he was hoping for.

We caught some of the bigger hands for posterity, and below is a melange of both 2-7TD and PLO hands:



After these losses, Blom took a 5 hour break, and came back in a similar stream to how he started the day. A 69 hand $7,482 winning session of $500/$1000 FLO8 against Kyle “KPR16” Ray was soon wiped out by 132 hand of $50/$100 Cap PLO (a $3,942 loss) and 91 hands of $1k/$2k 2-7TD (a $68,540 loss to Isildur1 Watch regular “PostflopAction”).

Then things started to change, when Isildur sat opposite Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau over a £1k/$2k 2-7TD heads up table. Over the next hour, and105 hands, the 2-7Td specialist feathered the Blom nest to the tune of $131,010. Then they stepped up a level to a $1.5k/$3k table, and Alex might as well have given over a whole duvet full of feathers instead of the $215,955 that did end up in Viktor’s possession. We caught a lot of this action, and we watched as Alex got down to the felt time after time. Below are some of the highlights to the action:



While this ritual humiliation was happening in the 2-7TD universe, Viktor was also owning the soul of “KPR16” in the FLO8 universe. They actually clashed at the $2k/$4k levels for just over 5 hours and 1311 hands over the whole night. At the end of these session, Viktor had rustled up a profit of $441,947 from his American competition. We caught a load of the hands, and we’ve brought you some of the biggest and best below:



After the matches with Alex, and the 1st session against KPR, Viktor went back to the PLO tables, this time at the $200/$400 and $250/$500 6-Max tables. Viktor lost $157,301 at these PLO games, and a lot of that went to “patpatpanda”. We have a taster of the session below:



The only other game Viktor played was a 76 hand session of $2k/$4k FLO8 against “SallyWoo.” This didn’t go as well as the matchup against KPR, and Blom ended up losing $154,456. We have a few of the hands below:



Blom finished the day up a very impressive $390,657, and has dragged his profit line back up over the $1 Million for the year. This is the 1st winning day for Viktor since his amazing day on the 2nd of February. We’re all hoping that the downswing may be over, because while it’s great to write about the swings and action Viktor has been experiencing, it always feels better to write about someone winning. I’m off to research the legalities of claiming a written article can impact a poker player, and my defence.

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