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I’m seriously considering not offering any more advice to poker players. It seems that every time I offer some advice, the world ends. Well, not balls of sulphur falling from the skies, the Four Horsemen riding through the streets, and Justin Beiber being considered the peak of popular music (What do you mean the Beiber thing has happened? Is this a sign of the impending apocalypse? I really hope not!).

What seems to happen is I open my Big Mouth, offer some advice, someone doesn’t take it, and loses enough money for me to retire on. I could say “I told you so!” but I’m not that nasty, and to be honest, why should anyone take my advice anyway? I’m not much more than a low stakes poker player, throwing words together for your enjoyment. Doesn’t mean I’m not right, but it’s hard to get people to take me seriously.

Viktor Blom on the other hand is a high stakes poker legend, who is widely considered one of the top players to ever walk the planet, but that’s not to say he couldn’t do with a little smoothing of the rough edges of his game. His day started yesterday back at the $500/$1000 $40k Cap PLO tables. This was the first of two sessions at the PLO tables, with the opponent being Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene. These 6-Max tables seem to be mainly used for heads up battles, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Full Tilt adding some heads up versions pretty soon.

The first session lasted 931 hands, and with individual tables costing Viktor as much as $320,221, the session was not a good one for him. He ended up losing a total of $800,228 at these tables before taking a break.

Viktor also flirted with a short session of 2-7TD in this time, and found himself playing against fellow Full Tilt Professional Gus Hansen. Blom managed to beat his fellow stable mate by $29,993. He also managed to cram in 126 hands of NLHE at the $500/$1000 $30k Cap tables against “SanIker.” The session ended with a small loss for our Swedish hero, with him giving up just over 18 big blinds, with a loss of $18,893.

Blom took a break from the tables, and returned about 9 hours later. He dived straight into the PLO action with “Bttech86”, and the two lit up the nosebleed Cap tables for 1325 hands over 5 hours of action. While Viktor seemed to take some of his chances, and had table session bring him profits of over $150, he also had individual table losses of more than $376k. In the end, the tide was in favour of Tollerene, who lightened Viktor’s e-wallet by $690,986 over the session, wiping out Blom’s profit from the day before.

We have some of the action, spread over both sessions in the video below.



The only other action Viktor saw yesterday was a small session of FLO8 against “SallyWoo”, which over 10 hands cost him $40,000. While this loss isn’t statistically significant, it must have added insult to injury to Blom, who has been crushing against “SallyWoo” in recent weeks. It didn’t help Sally seemed to have a never ending series of boats to either scoop or split pots, as you can see below:



Viktor ended the day giving back the $1.5Million he won on Thursday, with most of it going back to “Bttech86.”  As that’s where most of it came from, should be part of some sort of circle of life, but the only one who made any significant gains from the action between these two was the account the rake got paid into.

Viktor ended the day with a loss of $1,520,114, taking his yearly numbers to a still impressive $2,724,866, placing him second on the list of the year’s winners, behind “PostflopAction.”

I’m going to keep banging on about this, but Viktor seems to be his own worst enemy right now. His 2-7TD and FLO8 games have evolved to join his PLO and NLHE games as being rightfully considered in the elite of online poker. When he’s playing his best, Viktor seems to be unstoppable, but when he’s off his game, he seems to be donating to all and sundry. He really needs to look beyond the hands he’s playing, and learn when to stop playing. The edges are so slim at the top levels of this game that if a player is off their “A” game, by nothing more than a single percent, it can be disastrous for their bankroll, and I think this is what we are seeing with Viktor Blom. If anyone has been crying out for time with Poker’s Mental Game expert,  Jared Tendler, I think Viktor might be that person. Luckily for him, Jared is doing an AMA with us, and we hope Viktor can join in to help him get over this massive leak in his game.

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