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It seems that yesterday was another day on the roller-coaster that is the poker life of Viktor Blom. With some massive swings within 24 hours, we have lots to cover, so much so, I’m not sure we can cram it all in.

Blom started the day off at a $1.5k/$3k 2-7TD table against “Seb86.” After 112 hands, Seb walked away with a $20k profit. In a new twist for Isildur1 Watch, we’re going to try and actually show you some hands. Please let us know what you think about the videos. We caught this one during this session.

At the same time Blom was playing Seb, he also sat at a $200/$400 PLO 6-Max table, and managed to drop another $18k. We didn’t catch any of this session, but trust me, there’s a lot more to come.

Blom continued at $200/$400 PLO 6-max for the next 3 hours or so picking up about $32.3k, most of which was at one table. His PLO results were obviously not skewed by the fact his was also playing 2-7TD at the top limits. While his PLO session was going on, he was also playing “PostflopAction” and in Blom’s biggest session of the day, he ended the 367 hand session up $210,660.

We caught this hand near the start:

And this one a little later:

After this great session, Blom hardly stop to catch his breath before we caught this tweet from @FullTiltPoker:

“.@ViktorBlom and Rui Cao agree on a 4 table $100/200 PLO match – log on now to watch #railbird”

Over the 842 hand session, across 4 $100/$200 PLO tables, Rui dropped a massive $960 to Blom. No, this isn’t a typo, after 842 hands, the only real winner was the rake.
It’s even more amazing when you see pots of this size going across the felt.

After the wash against Rui, Blom started his only FLO8 session of the day. He was facing “cottonseed1” and Blom saw $37,986 added to his stack. Cotton seemed to take most of the big hands, but Viktor made up for this by grinding out the smaller pots, to make his profit. The biggest pot to go to Blom looked a little like this:

Blom opened from the button, and “Cottonsed1” returned fire with a raise of his own. Blom’s call brought the flop of 68T, and Cotton bet into the $12k pot. Blom called, and the 6 on the turn brought in the flush draw, and paired the board. Cotton fired out another barrel, only for Viktor to fire a barrel of his own, which Cotton called to leave a $32k pot. the river brought a pretty blank 5 and a check from “cottonseed1.” Blom fired out, and cotton called.
Blom showed K236 for three of a kind, and Cotton mucked his hand. The $40k pot slid over to Viktor.

After his FLO8 session, Blom switched up his game again. This time he was back to playing 2-7TD, this time with 2 tables, both against “Alexonmoon.” With $210,108 being dropped from Blom’s stack and added to Alex’s, this wasn’t the best of sessions for Viktor. With all the action Viktor had been involved with, we unfortunately weren’t able to grab any hands from these tables.

During the last half an hour of his session against Alex, Blom also added 2 $250/$500 6-Max PLO tables to the mix. With people like Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond, “punting-peddler,” “patpatpanda” and “Sauce1234” this was not a table for the faint of heart. We caught this hand during some of the action.

With Blom continuing to play $250/$500 for the majority of his day, he ended the day at these tables down another $52,558, with Sauce picking up a profit on the day of $199,172, at least some of that from Viktor’s pile of chips.

Isildur clashed with Rui Cao again, this time over a $1.5k/$3k 2-7TD table. With the player originally from China walking away with $86,565 of Blom’s money, Viktor’s day wasn’t getting any better. The 35 hand session was over in 28 minutes, but we managed to capture this hand Cao took from Blom:

Blom made the obligatory raise from the button, and Cao called to go to the 1st draw. Both players discarded 3 cards, and Rui checked to the betting Isildur, who fired a barrel. Rui called, and then Discarded 2 cards. Blom just took 1, and then bet after Rui’s check. Rui’s call let him draw 1 card, followed by Blom drawing the same. Rui fired the last round of betting, Blom re-raised, Rui 3 bet, and Blom called, only to be shown 76432 from Rui, who had the $33k pot slid to him.

Blom’s last session of the day was also at high stakes 2-7TD, this time a rematch against “Alexonmoon.” While $30,750 was removed from Viktor’s stack, it seemed to be a session of pretty standard spots, with nothing too crazy to report.

Viktor’s day was a rollercoaster of profit and loss, and he ended the day down $136,413, which must be doubly as difficult to digest, as he was up $200k at points through the day.

Blom still has a profit on the year of $1,572,460, so we can’t feel too sorry for him.

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