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I had to open my big mouth didn’t I? After 2 spectacular days on the tables, Viktor Blom it seems has slipped back into losing ways. With my, admittedly very cheap, lawyer on speed dial, I’m going to risk the wrath of the Swedish God of Degenerate Poker Players, His avatar Viktor Blom, and write another article. I just hope that the laws of causality don’t have a sense of humour…

Viktor started off his day sitting opposite “PostflopAction” at a $1.5k/$3k 2-7TD table. PFA started the session saying he could only stay for 15 minutes or so, but ended up staying 40 minutes, winning a $51,768 profit from Blom. The session came to an end as Viktor was getting into his stride, and had won 4 of the last 6 hands played, including two $21k pots. This led some to wonder the real reason for the end of the session.

Blom then suited up against Sebastien “Seb86” Sabic, again at the nosebleed 2-7TD games. these two players butted heads on and off throughout the day, with the chips going back and forth across the table. Blom ended the conflict $97,448 to the good. We grabbed some of the biggest hands, and have them for you in the video below:



Viktor also kept with 2-7TD for a large chunk of the day, but played some of the 6-Max tables. While the games haven’t got back to the railbird friendly legend-fest of a few weeks ago, the action is still good. Last night however, Viktor was still playing heads up for most of his time on these tables. After jumping around tables for over 7 hours, Viktor had booked a $24,017 win. We have a few of the notable hands for your amusement:



So far, Viktor was continuing in the same vein as the past few days. Playing experts at their own game, and, for the most part, beating them. Then he sat at the PLO tables, and it all went wrong. He started out at the $250-$500 tables, and put in a good 5 hour session, but came out with a $140,305 loss. Not great, but it seems better when you put that against his $576,637 PLO winnings from yesterday. Thing is, Viktor then played some $200/$400 PLO, and lost another $165,475 taking his PLO winning for the past 48 Hours to $270,857. Still impressive, but a bit of a drop from yesterday. We have some of the PLO hands of the day below, if you are of a sensitive disposition, we suggest you don’t watch PLO.



Viktor then switched up his game to FLO8, and sat opposite the FLO8 expert “SallyWoo,” who has recently been inflating Viktor’s wallet at the nosebleed tables. They sat at a $2k/$4k table, and played 169 hands over 2 sessions. Sally came out the victor, but not by much. The $58,041 win is only about 14 and a half Big bets, so it certainly wasn’t a whitewash.

After the amazing, and profitable action, Viktor has seen over the past few days, yesterdays results are probably a disappointment for him. His overall loss of $234,902 certainly wouldn’t be giving him the warm fuzzies inside, but he should take some big positives from the day. For the 3rd day in a row, Viktor has beaten the toughest 2-7TD players on Full Tilt, and in a game that swings as much as 2-7TD, this can’t be just down to variance. It looks like Viktor has improved his game to a level that makes him competitive at the highest levels. His FLO8 game has also improved, and yesterday’s loss certainly doesn’t indicate that his game isn’t up to scratch. With PLO being the big drag on yesterday’s results, Viktor is in a good place. Long may this continue, and I’m betting we see more winning days than losing ones in the near future for our Swedish Protagonist. He is still showing a $1.77Million profit on the year, and is still showing one of the biggest profits in poker since January 1st.

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