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Today, I’m going to do my best not to offer advice to a world class player. No, really, I’m not going to mention stop loss strategy, playing only an “A” game against world class opponents and how a player should know when they are at a disadvantage.

Instead, I’m going to use today’s article as an experiment. By not mentioning any of these, am I having any impact on the game of our protagonist? The empirical data seems to suggest that my articles have some sort of effect on the Norse Poker player, but we have not causality to suggest how it works. If Viktor Blom wins a packet today, I may have to re-think my writing style. More importantly, as a control, what happened yesterday when I was suggesting things?

Viktor’s day started out with the sun having just risen in the Big Apple, sitting opposite Ike “luvtheWNBA” Haxton at a $500/$1000 $30K Cap heads up table. The two battled it out the next four hours, in two distinct sessions. The first was 303 hands, with Ike happily taking $193,014 from the Swedish master. The second session was, if anything, worse; Ike took $300,245 from Viktor’s wallet in 350 hands.

Ike is a well known high stakes heads up specialist, and was part of the PokerStars team that crushed the Full Tilt Professionals so convincingly at EPT London. We have some of the hands from the matchup in the video below:


Viktor, never one to take the easy path, was also playing 2-7TD at the same time as he was playing his first session against Haxton. Sitting on the other side of the table was the now very familiar avatar of “Seb86.” The encounter lasted 90 hands, and Viktor scooped up chips to the value of $111,868.

In between the two Ike/Blom sessions, Viktor was sat against “SanIker”, who has been a recent thorn in the side for Blom, seeming to always be there to take money from him at the NLHE tables. yesterday however, the roles were reversed, and Viktor was the one winning. Over 321 hands, Viktor repaired some of the damage done by Ike by pocketing $301,129 from the German. The Video below has some of the action.



After a short break, Viktor was back in action again, but this time at the PLO tables. Over limits ranging from $25/$50 to $200/$400, Viktor played most of the rest of his day out at these tables, putting in 604 hands in 2 sessions. His results didn’t set the world on fire, and these 604 hands ended up costing him $31,328, not really significant money in the world of Isildur1, but enough for us less well endowed on the rail to wince.

Viktor finished his day at the FLO8 tables. With 64 hands at $2k/$4k costing him $165,959, being only partially mitigated by a $47,970 win over 122 hands at the $1k/$2k level. With “cottonseed1” and “PostflopAction” getting in on the hunt, Viktor seems to have closed down for the day. We have some of the action he closed out the day with in the video below:



Although yesterday ended up with Viktor losing $229,248, it probably should be considered a better day. While he lost a decent amount of money to Ike Haxton, the two haven’t played each other in a while, and Ike is rightly considered one of the best heads up NLHE players on the planet. Viktor did manage a decent win against “SanIker,” who had been a consistent winner against the Swede, without Blom taking a bite back into his losses against the German.

The FLO8 results weren’t great, but in such a swingy game, at the end of a long day, against top quality opposition, I think we can forgive Viktor dropping a few grand here.

Viktor’s yearly numbers drop to a mere $2,153,226 profit, and I just hope he has enough to pay his rent!

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