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Viktor Blom, known to most of us as Isildur1, has been having an amazing 2013 on Full tilt Poker, and has been on one of the hottest streaks online poker has ever seen. Viktor has been up over $5 million already this year, taking money from Phil Glafond (OMGClayAikin), IReadyrsoul, Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky and Tom “Durrrr” Dwan.

With this amazing action, we at Flopturnriver have decided to bring you a daily round up of the action, highlighting the biggest pots we can find.

We caught up with Isildur1 after he had already had a losing session against Phil Galfond playing using his OMGClayAikin handle, and was sat at 3 $300/$600 PLO  tables, again playing Galfond.

The first big hand we caught started with Isildur1 raising $1800 from the button, with Galfond flatting behind. A flop of 6J9 lead Phil to check, and then 3 bet to $10,800 over Blom’s bet of $3600, which Viktor flat called.

The T completed flush and straight draws on the turn, quickly followed by two checks from these 2 behemoths of online PLO.

The River of 6 brought a bet of $22,428 from Phil Galfond, followed by a call from Blom. Phil turned over 2TJJ for Jacks over sixes, and the pot.

Later we saw Isildur1 raising to $1800 from the button pre flop, followed by Galfond 3 betting to $5400. Viktor called, and the flop came Q25 with the pot standing at $10,799.50.

Phil checked, and then called Viktor’s bet of $5400 leaving a pot of $21,599.50 for the turn card of 2 came. Galfond checked again, and Blom bet $15,600, with another call from Galfond.

The river of a J left the board looking unconnected, and Phil checked again, only for Blom to bomb the river for $52,800 to force Galfond out of the nearly $53k pot.

Not seeing hole cards in big pots seemed to be the way forward with turn and river cards getting bombed with large bets, followed by folds. This action seemingly sending most of the chips into the stack of Phil Galfond. Phil seemed to be happy to give Isildur enough rope to hang himself, playing passively, and allowing Blom to inflate pots, only to bomb the turn or river and take them away.

We also caught Blom playing a table of $1000/$2000 LimitOmahaHi/Lo against Cottonseed1, where nearly every pot went away from the enigmatic Swede.

According to online tracking sites this pattern has been repeated over Blom’s Sunday, and the last 24 hours have seen a massive turn around for Blom with him losing $1.1 million.

If you want to take advantage of Viktor’s down swing, he’s also playing on low stakes challenge tables in a new Full Tilt promotion. You can read more about the promotion here, or you can just download the Full Tilt Poker Client here and hunt him down.