Another day gone by, and another FTOPS Event in the books! Today we had the pleasure of witnessing the action of FTOPS XIV, Event #7: $100+$9 R/A. Tonight’s event was hosted by Bruno Stefanelli, a relatively lesser known Italian pro poker player with an impeccable sense of style. He is one of those rare hybrids who do equally well at tournaments and cash games. Over his career, he has accumulated over $200K in tournament winnings.

It would seem only fitting that another Italian would win this particular event, but we’ll get to that in a second. 2,274 hopefuls showed up for this event, which upped the $600K guaranteed prize pool to about $668,200! Tons of money up for grabbing in this one, so read on to know how it went down!

Final Table Bubble:
2264 down, just one left to bust out so we could have the final 9. Agentu23 got the short end of the stick here versus Chezzeby, and you know how it goes when you are shorter stacked, but dominating your all-in opponent.

And Agentu23 went home in 10th place, and the final nine were set. His consolation prize for almost making the final 9 was $5,011.50.

Pretty soon after the bubble was over, the shortest stacks on the FT went at each other’s throats. Standard pf allin with suckout included.

The best hand just wouldn’t win, and crouts left us in 9th place, taking home $8,018.40 for his efforts for the tournament. Congrats!

8th (and 7th):
The next hand was kind of odd, but unavoidable. Odd because the best hand preflop actually won. Unavoidable because no one will ever fold AK suited or unsuited to an overaggro chip leader.
Just another 3-way preflop race with expected results:

AKTRE (can you spot the pun?) and thechad78 both go out in the same unfortunate way versus the guy who would not lose a flip, chessazhole1. They are rewarded with $10,781.20 and $15,368.60 for their efforts during the tourney. Congrats!

As mentioned before, chessazhole1 just would not lose a flip. Standard “I don’t believe you” postflop play with expected results:

And YanaSchv took his beat in stride and was rewarded with $22,718.80 in cold hard cash to buy Kleenex to wipe his tears. Congrats!

Chezebby, who had a pretty quite final table participation, went allin with his small pair only to find out that the current Top Chip had woken up with a premium pair. Warning: HE DOES NOT LOSE FLIPS!

And Chezebby found out the hard way that chessazhole1 was in the driver’s seat of the steamroller, and took home $34,746.40 for his moment of clarity. Congrats!

After this elimination, the players decided to take a moment to try and come to terms in a deal that would satisfy everybody. Obvious disagreement ensued, but after a while of nipping and tucking for 1K here, 2K there, and making use of he-who-would-not- lose-a-flip’s monster stack, the following deal was reached:
(quoting the FTP Tournament dealer)
Dealer: The tournament deal was made successfully.
Dealer: VeryEuropean was awarded $64,000 from the deal.
Dealer: Toms2up was awarded $81,000 from the deal.
Dealer: chessazhole1 was awarded $97,737.42 from the deal.
Dealer: Bbuddy4brkfst was awarded $79,000 from the deal.

And 17K left on the table to be awarded to the winner.

A very entertaining hand, worthy of tv time imo. We have a suckout plus resuckout for your perusal.

And VeryEuropean tournament life was VeryExtinguished in 4th place, and he got a prize of $64,000 exactly (thanks to the deal) to cruise around in Paris, London, Milan and Barcelona. Congrats!

Ah well. Luck eventually runs out, it happens to the best of us. He-who-would-not- lose-a-flip would finally lose a flip, a very costly one, sending him home in 3rd place.

Good thing that when the deal was made he was the chip leader, and this earned him a massive $97,737.42 for his efforts tonight. Congrats chessazhole1 for an excellent showing in this particular FTOPS event.

Only Toms2up and Bbuddy4brkfst were left to dispute the top prize of 17K and the yellow jacket. They each had already secured their paydays at $81,000 and $78,000 respectively.

HU Crucial Hand:
Snap call on turn, and we were back to even. Q8 beats 67 on that turn and blank river anyday.

HU Final Hand:
Overvaluing mid pair (or bad bluff, depending on who you ask)? The action on this hand took place on the river, with Bbuddy4brkfst shoving about 3 and a half million chips into a 2.3 million chip pot, and Toms2up snapping him up with TPTK.

And Toms2up from Italy took down the top prize of the current FTOPS event #7. Congrats to all who played, and remember, if you did not cash or place, there is always next event! God Bless Internet Poker!