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Phil Ivey is pretty much the world’s most feared professional poker player. He instills fear in others through his tough play, and his table demeanor, complete with crazy-looking wandering eyes for special effects. Phil Ivey is a Full Tilt Pro as you might know by now, and he has his own tables you can access, with his own seat that is permanently reserved. These are a part of the almost infamous Ivey’s Room, which attracts some of the highest stakes action the online world sees on an almost daily basis.

In the physical world, as in beyond clicks and buttons, there has been an actual room after which the idea behind Ivey’s Room on Full Tilt Poker was based. That one was called Bobby’s Room, after card-shark Bobby Baldwin, who won the 1978 WSOP Main Event. Baldwin loves to gamble, and he would generate a lot of action; so much in fact that he ended up getting a room at the fabled casino Bellagio named in his honor.

Phil Ivey, on the other hand, never won the main event, but he has has won pretty damn near everything else. Phil Ivey has accomplished nearly everything tourney players dream, and has had multiple cashes in all sorts of tournaments around the world. It goes without saying that he is a high stakes cash game regular in pretty much every venue. Naturally, it would be only a matter of time before he got his own room at a casino somewhere. And that is exactly what will happen in just a short while.

The Aria Resort & Casino at CityCenter, also located on the Las Vegas Strip just like the Bellagio, will be opening a high stakes room named in honor of Phil Ivey. It will be a one table, high limit poker room, and will be opened with a celebrity and VIP tournament on Saturday 5/22 2010, awarding the winner a whole $250,000 and the chance to play the man himself, Phil Ivey, for another $250,000. There will also be a bounty of $100,000 on Phil Ivey’s head during the celebrity tournament. And who knows, just as the best parties always have excellent after parties, Mr. Ivey will be on hand to play a few inaugural hands on his table as well.

The Ivey will be in the house. It’s obviously up to you if you practice avoidance or engage head on. But one thing’s for sure, and that is that you will be in for the time of your life!