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Bet365 keeps on rolling with new and impressive promotions. Their Jackpot Sit & Gos are sure to catch Sit & Go players’ eyes. Prizes can go up to $50,000! There is a variety of these tournaments to choose from with all of them being fast paced.

Players are rewarded with a big progressive jackpot prize that can be won for those that achieve a certain number of wins in a row. The different tournaments are the Dirty Dozen, Maui, Rio and Fort Knox and buy-ins start at just $2+$0.40.

Here’s how the Dirty Dozen works. A tournament begins after two tables have filled up (12 players total). Players are awarded an extra $2,000 if they win four of these in a row! Buy-ins start at under $10.

The Maui tournament is a very different. This is a one table game of 10 players and a player needs to win 5 in a row to win the jackpot. The good part? The MINIMUM jackpot is set at $15,000 and it increases each week no one claims the prize. On top of this, if a player finishes in the top 2 spots 5 consecutive times, then they receive a nice $200 consolation.

The Rio Sit & Go has an even bigger jackpot. Players can win $30,000 or more! These tournaments are 6-handed single tabled and a player must win 6 times in a row to claim the jackpot. Finish in the top 2 for 6 games in a row and you’ll receive $300.

Finally, the Fort Knox tournament. This is the Grandaddy of them all. Players can win $50,000 and maybe even more! This structure is similar to the Rio in that they are one table 6-handed games and a player must win 6 times in a row. Each week that no one wins the jackpot increase. Finish in either 1st or 2nd place for 6 games and you’ll be rewarded for $750.

Come out to bet365 today. Each day tens of thousands of dollars can be won so head on over and give it your best shot!