If this keeps up, people will remember FTOPS XVI for its repeat champions. Earlier, in Event #1, it was BRO20. This time, it was JackQKA taking home the gold after an epic shootout in heads-up No Limit Holdem.

Players may remember JackQKA from February’s FTOPS XV, where he captured the crown and took home $237,000. After dealing with several tense weeks which included underage and money-steal accusations, the champ roared back to claim his second FTOPS jersey. After over 11 hours of play, the determined JackQKA out-dueled naimad89 for the near-$90,000 win.

The tournament itself posted a $500+$35 buy-in and was hosted by Team Full Tilt member Taylor Caby. Registration topped out at 1,024, with a total prize pool of $512,000.

Here’s how the top ten shook out:

1: JackQKA ($89,088)
2: naimad89 ($53,248)
3: PrincessDonk ($27,136)
4: jigga_man6($27,136)
5: whatastinker ($14,336)
6: j2the6th ($14,336)
7: Proctor998 ($14,336)
8: BLUFFforRENT ($14,336)

9: extassyman ($7,680)

10: adam-y-y-y ($7,680)

Caby, for his part, managed an impressive finish, making it all the way to 77th place before being eliminated. Though his efforts proved fruitful, the payout doesn’t necessarily reflect all of the work he put in. For his efforts, he was rewarded with a $1,024 slice of the pie. That’s a little under a full double-up, when you consider the tournament buy-in fee.

Here’s how a few of the other notables finished.

Caio Pimenta (1,015)

Josh Arieh (956)

Stuart Paterson (840)

David Pham (793)

Eric Froehlich (582)

Daniele Mazzia (382)

Marco Liesy (217)

Marc Karam (142)