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This year, the Main Event of Ladbrokes’ Irish Poker Festival in Killarney, Ireland proved to be more popular than ever.  The original cap of 625 players was expanded to accommodate 832 hopeful entrants, pushing the far past the guaranteed prize pool of €250,000 to €416,000!  This made it the largest European ranking event ever!  Only one could take home the victory and Jimmy McSweeney of Cork, Ireland made it through the three day event to claim the €100,000 first place prize.

The festival took place from Thursday, October 2 to Sunday, October 5.  It consisted largely of the Main Event which started on the third.  Two side tournaments and sing table tournaments also comprised the event, but it was the excitement of the €500 + €50 Main Event that set the tone.

Two noteworthy names that made an appearance at the Irish Poker Festival were Marty Smyth, pot-limit Omaha world champion, and Ladbrokes Pro Roy Brindley, commonly known as “The Boy.”

The top 83 players made it into the money, but the final table was where the real cash was.  McSweeney led the seven other finalists – Bo Ericshen , Barry Hand, Nick Heather, Steve Johnson, Andrew Roberts, Ian Smith, and Hugh Whelan – in chips as Day 3 began.  He was able to hold onto his chip lead for the rest of the day as the other players went to the rail.

Here is the final top 8 standings:
1. Jimmy McSweeney €100,000
2. Andrew Roberts €65,000
3. Bo Ericshen €35,000
4. Hugh Whelan €25,000
5. Nick Heather €20,000
6. Ian Smith €15,000
7. Steve Johnson €12,000
8. Barry Hand €10,000