The massive range of content at FlopTurnRiver makes it one of the finest online poker sites available today. It’s bursting at the seams with strategy articles, up to the date poker news, and in depth room reviews. The FTR forum is full of insightful strategy discussion between top players as well as a positive friendly community. All in all it’s a great place to improve your game while having a good time.

You can also make a tidy profit just by being a FTR member. The numerous poker strategy articles and knowledgeable forum members are sure to improve your game to no end, and as a member you’ll have the perfect venue to test out your skills. FTR organizes a wide range of exclusive tournaments at sites such as PokerStars, Full Tilt, and Everest Poker. All in all over $3,500 in added money is on offer to FTR’s members each month.

The first step for prospective members is to sign up to the forum. Introduce yourself to the  community and sign up for some exclusive tournaments. You’ll also have access to a full calendar listing every single special event throughout the year. The following list covers all the events coming up in the second half of July. As you can see there are plenty of tournaments to sink your teeth into, almost all of them offering hundreds of dollars in added cash. FTR veterans will want to keep an eye out for the FTR Gauntlet tournaments and the regular FTR25, FTR150, FTR300, and FTR400.

FTR $300 Money Added (July 15th 15:00 ET) – A special tournament for FTR members at Tower Gaming, with $350 added to the prize pool. It has a $2.00 + $0.20 buy-in and you must be signed up through FTR links to play

FTR150 (July 15th 16:00 ET) – The monthly tournament hosted by CDPoker. This FTR exclusive event will have $150 added for a $5 buy-in. You must be a registered FTR member to compete.

FTR Gauntlet VIII Game 06A – HORSE (19th July 15:00 ET) – A $10 + $1 HORSE tournament on PokerStars. Part of the FTR Gauntlet league. Surprise bonuses may be awarded during the game.

FTR $100 Freeroll (19th July 20:00 ET) – An exclusive FTR Freeroll at PlayersOnly. Qualified forum members will compete for $100 in guaranteed cash.

FTR Gauntlet VIII Game 06B – HORSE (July 19th 21:30 ET) – A $10 + $1 HORSE tournament that forms part of the FTR Gauntlet VIII league. The tournament is held on PokerStars and may award surprise bonus prizes.

FTR20 (July 20th 20:00 ET) – A monthly No Limit tournament for FTR users. It has a $5 + $0.50 buy-in with $300 added money up for grabs.

FTR $100 Freeroll (July 21st 16:00 ET) – LuckyAcePoker is offering FTR members a special $100 freeroll. As long as you sign up through FTR’s affiliate links you’ll be granted an entry.

Forum Challenge (July 21st 16:00 ET) – Everest poker is hosting a Summer Forum Challenge to find out which is the most skilled online forum. The $2.00 buy-in tournament with $50 added will pit FTR members against rival forum members from across the world.

FTR $200 Freeroll (July 22nd 15:00 ET) – ChiliPoker is hosting a freeroll for FTR members with $200 in the prize pool. Only signed-up forum members are eligible to play.

FTR $200 Freeroll (July 23rd 20:00 ET) – If you sign up for FullTilt through FTR you can enter this restricted $200 freeroll.

FTR $200 Added (July 24th 16:00 ET) – Everest poker is hosting this $200 Money Added event for FTR members. $200 will be added to the prize pool on top of the $2 buy-ins.

FTR25 (July 25th 22:05 ET) – The monthly FTR 25 returns to Cake Poker. A $100 addition to the prize pool will be supplemented by a $1 buy-in. As always, this tournament is for FTR members only.

FTR Gauntlet VIII 07A (July 26th 15:00 ET) – The testing FTR Gauntlet returns on the 26th at PokerStars. This round is a $10 + $1 NLHE Full Ring event. All players must register for the league to compete.

$500 Private Freeroll (July 26th 16:00 ET) – This exclusive freeroll tournament at Mansion Poker has a $500 prize pool.

$2000 Community Freeroll (July 26th 16:20 ET) – This is one of the biggest events of the month, and is available to all players who sign up to Reefer Poker through their community tab. The prize pool is a huge $2000 and the buy-in is totally non-existent.

FTR $200 Freeroll (July 27th 15:00 ET) – If you sign up for Tower Gaming via FTR’s links, you’ll be eligible for this $200 freeroll.

Forum Challenge (July 28th 16:00 ET) – This is the third July tournament in the Everest Poker forum challenge. Prizes go to individual event winners and the top leaderboard finishers. This freeroll has a $100 prize pool.

Restricted FTR $300 Freeroll (July 28th 20:00 ET) – Direct sign-ups from FTR are rewarded at the end of the month on PokerStars. A $300 freeroll for FTR members is just one of the exclusive FTR tournaments on PokerStars every month.

FTR400 (July 30th 18:05 ET) – By using the bonus code FTRBONUS when you sign up for a new account you’ll be eligible for this exclusive $400 added, $2 buy-in tournament

FTR300 (July 30th 21:00 ET) – Yet another PokerStars event finishes the month. This time it’s the regular FTR 300. Players who registered through FTR links can buy-in the $300 added event for $3 + $0.30