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WCOOP 2010 welcomed its first 2-day tournament on Tuesday with Event 9, a $1,050 buy-in featuring No Limit Hold’em and a $1 million prize pool. PokerStars prize pools have a regular habit of exceeding guarantees, and Event 9 was no exception. 1,612 players caused the prize pool to swell to an impressive $1,612,000, creating a first place prize of $269,284.60.

180 players made the money during Day 1 including PokerStars Pros Veronica Dabul and Daniel Negreau. Other notable players cashing were Jeff “kobeshomie” Madsen and Matt “All_in_at420” Stout. Day 1 ended with just 93 of the original 1,612 players remaining.

When Day 2 started, two PokerStars pros had top 20 stacks: Andre “aakkari” Akkari and Joe “jcada99” Cada were both in great positions to make a run for the bracelet. Neither player would end up making the final table, however. Cada ended up busting in 44th place for $4,836 and Akkari busted in 25th for $6,448.

When the final table was created almost eight hours after the start of Day 2, rizz13 held the chip lead with joiso following closely behind:

rizz13 – 2,513,003 in chips
joiso – 2,441,977 in chips
YanniYankiev – 1,756,054 in chips
7Be/eC7 – 1,526,913 in chips
koncert888 – 1,359,854 in chips
China_White1 – 1,207,026 in chips
hwtd1 – 637,120 in chips
Horozic – 414,600 in chips
Bo$$playa425 – 233,453 in chips

The blinds started at 12,500/25,000 which meant that Bo$$playa425 was in a fair amount of trouble and would be looking to double up as soon as possible. This did not happen, however. He eventually had to go all-in with K7o and joiso busted him with 99. He departed in 9th place for $16,764.80.

rizz13 started the table with the chip lead but did not hang on to it very long. He got into a big stack battle with joiso after 3-betting preflop and then betting on an A high flop. He doubled barreled the turn and joiso replied by pushing all-in, and rizz was forced to fold with just 1.3 million left in his stack. He was, of course, not out of contention by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a very large blow to his stack.

hwtd1 was the next player to bite the dust. He had chipped up to a healthier stack but ended up losing it all to 7Be/eC7 after getting it in preflop with QKs vs AKo. He finished in 8th place for $30,628.

I think it’s safe to say that rizz13 did not run good at the final table. He ended up 4-bet shoving KK preflop, but he picked a bad time to get coolered and ran into 7Be/eC7’s AA. The A high flop all but sealed it for rizz13, and he busted in disappointing fashion for $46,748.

Let’s skip ahead to 4-handed action. China_White1 got dealt AKs with a 38bb stack, and so he raised preflop and saw a flop with 7Be/eC7. It came K high, and China_White1 bet with his top pair. When 7Be/eC7 raised it up, China_White1 decided to 3-bet all-in, and 7Be/eC7 showed him the bad news: he flopped bottom two. The turn and river did not bail China_White1 out and he departed in 4th place for a healthy $109,616.

YanniYankiev also busted the tournament with around 40bb. He 3-bet a joiso raise and called a 4-bet push, and his 77 ended up racing against joiso’s A9o. The flop came A high straight away, the 2-outer did not appear, and YanniYankiev was awarded the 3rd place consolation prize of $148,304.

joiso played quite well during the late stages of the tournament, and this did not change during heads-up action. He absolutely crushed 7Be/eC7 heads-up, and it took 30 minutes before he emerged victorious. 7Be/eC7 3-bet and then called off his 50bb stack preflop with A7o after joiso pushed with JJ. 7Be/eC7 hit an A on the flop but joiso had flopped a flush draw, and joiso hit on the river to bust 7Be/eC7 in 2nd place for $196,664.

Congratulations to joiso for winning the first 2-day event of WCOOP 2010. He received $269,284.60 for his finish, as well as a coveted WCOOP bracelet. Please see below for a summary of the final table payouts, and be sure to come back to FTR for more WCOOP recaps.

1st – joiso – $269,284.60
2nd -7Be/eC7 – $196,664
3rd – YanniYankiev – $148,304
4th – China_White1 – $109,616
5th – horozic – $78,988
6th – koncert888 – $62,868
7th – rizz13 – $46,748
8th – hwtd1 – $30,628
9th – Bo$$playa425 – $16,764.80