Jonathan Little has had a great run as a Full Tilt Poker Pro but his time at FTP has come to an end. Terms and Conditions of any poker room are instilled for very specific reasons; That is, to maintain a trusting relationship between the poker room and its many players. Full Tilt has had the reputation of maintaining their integrity by enforcing their T&C at any cost in the past as well.

Jonathan Little has been caught sharing his account at Bovada Poker with another person. FTP finds it extremely important that players are able to trust that they’re playing with one of their pros and not someone else using their account. While they encourage their professional players to play as much as possible, they do not condone this type of activity which makes it appear as though they’re spending more time on the site than they truly are.

“When a player on Full Tilt Poker plays against and chats with a red pro on the site, it is imperative that they be able to trust that it is really the advertised pro playing the account. Given that Mr. Little violated that trust, we have decided to sever his ties to the site, and close his account”, said site administrator, TilterRick.

Jonathan Little is not the first poker pro to be busted for account-sharing. The first well known poker pro caught engaging in account-sharing was Phil Hellmuth. After the Hellmuth incident Howard Lederer sent out a memo to all Full Tilt pros which explained that if anyone were caught partaking in any similar activity they would be immediately dropped from the site. Little was not part of the team at the time this had happened and never received the memo himself. This suggests that even though he knew the terms and conditions he may not have understood the severity of his actions.

While this may not be the most horrible offense when it comes to online poker, Full Tilt Poker sincerely apologizes for these events. “Full Tilt Poker values the trust of its players and will deal with any violation of that trust swiftly. We apologize to any of our players who may have been misled during the past few months by Mr. Little’s actions”, they said.