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Event 46 was definitely the most exciting event in this year’s World Series of Poker so far.  The six-handed format of the tournament guaranteed tons of action at every table.  The $10,000 buy-in guaranteed only the best players registered for the tournament.  A total of 474 players bought into the tournament creating a $4,455,600 prize pool.  In all, 48 players were paid with the first place winner taking $1,158,481.

Two FlopTurnRiver members were lucky enough to make the money.  Gabe Patgorski, moderator of FlopTurnRiver’s ‘Tilt’ sub-forum, busted in fourteenth place.  Only a few minutes after returning from his break, Gabe found himself all-in holding ace-seven suited against Nick Grippo’s ace-jack suited.  Gabe was unable to catch up and was sent to the rail with an extra $43,976 in his pocket.  After his devastating loss, Gabe tweeted from @luckygabe: ‘busto 14th reshoved a7s vs aj’.  Congratulations to everyone’s favorite moderator, gabe, for a valiant effort!

Gabe Patgorski

FlopTurnRiver's 'Tilt' sub-forum moderator, gabe, finishes in 14th place. Photo courtesy of PokerNews.

The second FlopTurnRiver member to go deep in this tournament ended up winning the entire prize pool and the gold bracelet!  Joseph Ebanks banked a huge $1,158,481 prize to go with his new, shiny bracelet.  The 26 year-old poker professional from Stow, OH won the tournament when his king-four of diamonds was called on a 3dQsTdKh board with Chris Moorman’s Jc7d (open-ended straight draw with dirty diamond outs).  Moorman eventually caught his straight with a nine of diamonds, but this luckily gave Ebanks the flush.  Ebanks, known on FlopTurnRiver by his handle ender5555, was backed in the tournament and will need to share part of his huge prize.  Ebanks may move to continue making a living as a professional online poker player.  When asked about Black Friday, Ebanks commented:

It has affected me.  I lost a lot of my money because of that.  Thankfully, I won some money here today.  But I am going to have to move if I want to continue playing.  I am probably going to move after the series is over.

Joseph Ebanks, known on FlopTurnRiver as ender5555, wins his first gold bracelet. Photo courtesy of PokerNews.

Other news coming from this event was Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier finishing in third place.  Currently third in 2011 WSOP Player of the Year, a win would have certainly put him in the lead as well as give him his second gold bracelet this year.  He will just have to be satisfied with his $447,074 payday.

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