There was another $1,500,000 at stake on Sunday night over at the Full Tilt Poker tournament tables.

The tenth FTOPS event of 2010 kicked off at 6:03 PM ET, hosted by renowned pro Chris Ferguson. 4,682 players bought in to the $300+$22 event in which the top 720 places were paid.

But when the dust settled after nearly 14 hours of play, there could be only one winner. That one was jse81, who took home a top prize of $256,500. Second place went to Lilly79, for which they received $178,500.

Neither contestant made it easy on the other, with nearly thirty hands coming between jse81’s victory and the elimination of the third place player (coffmeister, $127,500). The two players traded barbs, swapping pot after pot for quite some time. Finally, with the blinds at 320,000/160,000 with a 20,000 chip ante, both players limped to the flop. The cards came Jh9c8h, and after a Lilly79 check, jse81 bet 320,000 with the button. Lilly79 immediately moved all in with her 8s7h, only to be called by jse81’s 7dJs. The following streets provided no help to Lilly79, with the final board reading Jh9c8h6dKh. A winner had finally been crowned after more than half a day’s worth of poker.

Several members of Team Full Tilt were able to reach the money. Foremost among these was Isaac Baron, who finished just short of the final table in 11th place ($10,800). Next was Steve Brecher (201st, $750), followed by Mike Schneider (377th, $510) and Stefan Rapp (437th , $510). Host Chris Ferguson made the money, finishing 646th and taking home $450. The only other pro to cash was Jon Turner, who came in 666th and also took home $450.

Among those sent home with nothing were Team Full Tilt members Jordan Morgan, Kelly Kim, Gavin Smith, and FTOPS Event #1 top pro Yongsuk Chang.

Here’s a rundown of the final table finishers:

  1. jse81 ($256,500)

  2. Lilly79 ($178,500)

  3. coffmeister ($127,500)

  4. honestbobs ($96,000)

  5. mugwumphump ($71,925)

  6. vtlaxer09 ($49,500)

  7. Gerar Mendujeu ($32,250)

  8. Biocid ($22,500)

  9. magicbaloo ($15,750)