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Everything was peachy keen for, Justin Pechie as the 24-year old American won his first ever WSOP bracelet in the $1,500 shootout. Event 41 featured 538 entrants. For first place Pechie won $167,060 in cold hard green. This win brings Pechie’s lifetime winnings to $1,133,855.

In Pechie’s words, this win was of particular importance. The Connecticut resident was in the process of moving to Canada to pursue his poker dream, as a result of major online poker rooms closing to American players on April 15th. Now Justin Pechie feels like he’s in a position to stay in Vegas just a while longer, and spend more time with his family.

Pechie felt like the shootout format gave him an advantage because he is an experienced online shorthanded player. That experience came in handy when it got to heads up against the second to last man standing, Dale Eberle.

The most significant hand of the tournament came in a three bet pot heads up. Eberle raised the button, Pechie three bet the big blind. The board came 8c 9h 5s 2h kc. Pechie led the fop, turn and called a raise on the river showing 9c 9s for a set to beat Eberle with K7 two pair.

The next hand Pechie kept his run good on, hitting trip queens, and getting three sexy streets of value. The rest is history. Eberle hit the rail in second place winning $103,454 for his runner-up finish. Justin Pechie is our WSOP 2011 Event #41 Champion.

The biggest name to run deep in this tournament was fourth place finisher Eugene Katchalov, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2011 $100,000 High Roller Champion, who cashed for $50,993.

Top 10 placings and payouts from the $1,500 Limit Hold’em Shootout event:

1. Justin Pechie (USA) – $167,060
2. Dale Eberle (USA) – $103,454
3. Mathieu Jacqmin (France) – $68,715
4. Eugene Katchalov (Ukraine) – $50,993
5. Jordan Rich (USA) – $38,268
6. Stephen Bass (USA) – $29,001
7. Adam Tyburski (USA) – $22,173
8. Dom Denotaristefani (USA) – $17,089
9. Christoph Kwon (USA) – $13,269
10. Ari (Alan) Engel (USA) – $10,378