It took two full nights of solid play, but Sydney’s kevinnok managed to take home the gold in the one of the richest of PokerStars’ recent WCOOP tournaments. Though his winning sum of $340,698.50 doesn’t amount to the biggest payday handed out for the event, the prestige of the first place finish is all his.

The length of time needed for this victory doesn’t come as a surprise, considering the buy-in amount and the number of participants. All told, 5,799 eager players anted up their $500+$30 entry fees. While this may seem like a large number, the game actually failed to meet it’s expected numbers. The guarantee was $3,000,000, which would have required a total of 6,000 players.

The final three players worked out a prize split, so their cash totals don’t exactly reflect the original tournament structure. Anyway, here’s how the final table worked out:

#1 – kevinnok ($340,698.50)

#2 – PeoplsChamp1 ($372,761.03)

#3 – AlwaysFelted ($352,830.47)

#4 – skylarsash ($169,500)

#5 – O-Totoro ($127,500)

#6 – kendog39 ($97,500)

#7 – totya0611 ($67,500)

#8 – 7cardspoker ($37,500)

#9 – MISHELA ($24,000)

Out of the 5,799 who enrolled, the top 765 took home some extra cash for their trouble. The lowest prize handed out was $900, which is a fairly good total for about a night’s worth of work. Several members of Team PokerStars made the money, including vgreen22 (37th – $5,940), Princesa (65th – $4,500), Daniel Negreanu (176th – $1,800), Jan Heitmann (224th – $1,620), Humberto Brenes (348th – $1,260), and PeteDeKorver (497th – $1,050).

Among the big names who finished out of the money were former WSOP Main Event Champions Greg “FossilMan” Raymer (2,946th) and Joe Hachem (2,297th).