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Ladbrokes poker is a very popular online poker site in the United Kingdom, and after this week appears to be the leading online poker site because it is now ranked number one in the UK poker industry.

After massive upgrades and renovations combined with tournaments and events akin to the dealing of their billionth hand, Ladbrokes has made it clear they are the contender in online poker when the UK comes out to play. With lots of new features and a complete revamp of their website one can see why Ladbrokes has now come out on top. They hold 19.5 percent of the UK online poker market.

Their popularity has increased with their offering of exciting tournaments as well as a number of opportunities to clinch a seat in the 2008 World Series of Poker as we had outlined previously here at FTR. With the costs and quality of competition steadily increasing at the World Series of Poker it’s nothing to joke about when a free seat floats within grasp.

As put by Ed Ire MD of Ladbrokes Poker: “We are putting in the foundations to create even faster rate of growth and have devised a sophisticated marketing communications plan to make this happen – Search Engine Optimization, online banner advertising, extensive affiliate partnerships and sponsored search listings have been revamped to ensure that the poker world knows that Ladbrokes is a serious player in the competitive online poker environment , Ladbrokes Poker has also begun their biggest ever player recruitment drive in other key European territories which include the Nordics, in order to reaffirm the brand in these important poker playing countries.”

With all these incredible opportunities thrown down by Ladbrokes coupled with a new user interface it’s a easy bet to see Ladbrokes continue to grasp a larger share of the online poker market over in the United Kingdom. A good interface goes a long way when it comes to online poker and when the good rooms nail this along with a number of other excellent opportunities it’s simple to understand why the room has begun to lead in their corner of the market.