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I’m truly glad that you could make it to the first weekly discussion of the Ladbrokes Leaderboards.  And there is actually quite a bit of stuff to talk about too since a new monthly champion was crowned and things have already got off to a quick start in April.

But before we get started, if you haven’t had a chance to check out my first post on how the MTT Leaderboards at Ladbrokes work, then I would highly encourage you to do so by going here.  This explains a lot about how leaderboard points accumulate and what the cash prizes are.

Now onto what’s been happening on the MTT Leaderboards.  And there’s nothing better to start off with than the race for March’s $2,000 prize.  With just a few days left, playmaker666 and wildrick were chasing Decision who sat atop the Ladbrokes Leaderboard. 

What’s extremely interesting about this is that playmaker666 and wildrick are currently 1-2 on the annual leaderboards at Ladbrokes as well.  In the end though, Decision was able to stave off the two challengers by a comfortable 460 point margin. 

playmaker666 edged wildrick for the $1,250 prize while wildrick pulled in $900 for third.  If you’d like to see for yourself, check it out here.  To see all of the days go to the Ladbrokes-Poker Network Page

Here’s the final top ten list from March and their winnings:

1. Decision / 2613 – $2,000
2. playmaker666 / 2153 – $1,250
3. wildrick / 2097 – $900
4. RiverShark19 / 1877 – $600
5. paul-1 / 1449 – $400
6. JellyHead30 / 1250 – $250
7. toppo / 940 – $250
8. Christophe21 / 936 – $250
9. boomer797 / 931 – $250
10. mitchhh / 892 – $250

Money was also handed out from places 11-60 which makes lots of people winners for the month of March.  Position jockeying has already begun to see who will come out a winner in April. 

So far SRX1, who isn’t anywhere near the top of the annual leaderboard, has stormed into first place early on with 374 chips.  But wildrick is in the mix once again sitting in second just eight chips behind.  Another newcomer to the top, FILCH, is in third with 331 chips.

It should be a very exciting race for April and it will be interesting to see if wildrick can overtake SRX1 and do even better than the third place finish last month.   Join me next Saturday when we take another look at the Ladbrokes Leaderboards and who is in contention of the monthly championship.